SILVIA BELTRAMI at Mauer Zilioli Contemporary Arts

  "Naked Bodies, Naked Souls", group exhibition at Loft Gallery


  Fotografia Europea: Eternity


  2nd Athens Biennial 2009: Heaven

  Multiple Realities at F2 Gallery

  "Prenez soin de vous" by Sophie Calle


  CHRISTIANA SOULOU - This dust was gentlemen and ladies

  Gallery Helenbeck in Nice presents Laurent Elie Badessi


  FRED [Leipzig] permanent gallery opening; Susanne Kuhn at Kunstverein Freiburg

  'Backgrounds' at Wannajob, Athens


  From Emperor to Military Dictator: Shemelis Desta's Ethiopian Archive 1963-1982

  Michael Hoppen Gallery, London: Matthew Pillsbury

  September shows by vamiali's gallery, athens

  Steve Gianakos at AD Gallery, Athens, GR


  David Lamelas at Monika Spruth Philomene Magers London


  1st Athens Biennial 2007: PARALLEL EVENTS

  Eileen Botsford will be showing work at Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art

  Dean Monogenis & Lydia Venieri at STUX

  ReMap KM, a Contemporary Arts Program

  "TRAUMA QUEEN" - Independent Exhibition Venue: "Mediterranean" Hotel

  Atropa Vanitas, Group Show, Athens

  DAVID FRIED - Far From Equilibrium

  Mostra "Storie immaginate in luoghi reali" al Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea

  "Optical Titillations" at Galery Caprice Horn

  Cindy Sherman at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin

  WANTED: Helmut Newton, Larry Clark & Ralph Gibson at Helmut Newton Foundation

  FOTOGRAFIZONTAS historica - 1st issue: Stelios Kasimatis

Received on July 19, 2011:

The 6th Annual International Salon-Circuit of Art Photography

"With love to Women" - 2011

Dear photo friends!

This year Yuriy Titovets' Photogallery (www.galleryprostir.com) organizes
The 6th Annual International Salon-Circuit of Art Photography "With love to Women" - 2011, which will be held under the patronage of the leading Federations of Art Photography:
- International Federation of Photographic Art - FIAP (http://patronages.fiap.net)
- European Photographic Association - ISF ( www.image-sans-frontiere.com)
- United Photographer's International - UPI (www.upiphoto.com)

With the support of:
- Ministry of Culture of Ukraine,
- National Photoartist Union of Ukraine,
- Association of Photo-Amateurs of Austria - VOAV,
- Czech Photographic Society,
- Krakow Photographic Society,
- Wroclaw Photographic Society,
- Gdansk Photographic Society,
- Art Gallery "Sille Sanat Sarayi" (Turkey),
- Gallery "Lavra" (Ukraine).

Media sponsors:
TRC "Luks", Newspaper "Vysokyy Zamok" (Ukraine),
Magazine "Larnaca News", Magazine "Moi Ostrov" (Cyprus),
Magazine "La Fotografia" (Spain),
Online magazine "Fmag" (Greece),
Online photo portals: photographers.com.ua, photosight.ru, funphoto.ua, fiap.ru, fotopatracka.cz, photoserver.cz, fotoparta.cz.

It is the first international exhibition for the first time ever in Ukraine, which was recognized by the "Photographic Society of America" Photographic Society of America - PSA (www.psa-photo.org).

Salon-Circuit will make a tour to 9 cities in 4 countries:
Lviv (Ukraine)                        09.09.11 - 09.10.11
Kiev (Ukraine)                       27.09.11- 06.10.11
Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine)           05.10.11 - 01.11.11
Rivne (Ukraine)                      07.10.11 - 05.11.11
Wroclaw (Poland)                   17.10.11 - 30.10.11
Krakow (Poland)                     19.10.11 - 01.11.11
Prague (Czech Republic)          21.10.11 - 3.11.11
Odesa (Ukraine)                      01.11.11 - 14.11.11
Paphos (Cyprus)                      15.11.11 - 03.12.11

To the holding of different events, in ties with the Salon, we invited famous people of the world. So, the honorable guests of the Salon - 2008 (that was held in Lviv) were Her Majesty Princess of Austria and Luxembourg Anita von Hohenberg with the husband the Count Andreas Bardeau, the head of the Jury of Salon - 2009 was the ex-President of Slovakia Rudolf Schuster.
It is going to be the photographic crossing of global importance, which undoubtedly, draws attention of not only the photographic world¢s elite and connoisseurs of photography to the countries-participants of circuit. This cultural event will certainly assist the development of country¢s infrastructure in cultural and art sectors, the widening of intercultural ties, open up new opportunities to the foreign investors and will be attractive for tourism.
Photographers from all countries are taking part in the Salon. The start of Jury¢s session is accompanied with press-conference, to which the Organisers invite the partners and sponsors of the Salon, authority representatives. The international Jury selects the best works for the exposition and placing in the Salon¢s Catalog.
Salon's Catalogue: luxurious full-color edition, of A4 format.
Edition: 5000 copies.
FIAP rating: 5 stars.

Distributed in all countries, diplomatic missions, ministries, business circles, world national federations of photographic art, etc.
Thanks to Your support we have gained good reputation as the worldwide prestigious photo competition. Together we can do one more step ahead to the development of contemporary photo art.

Dr. Yuriy Titovets,
Salon Chairman

Yuriy Titovets¢ Photogallery
P.O.Box 825, Lviv, 79008, Ukraine
Svobody ave 33, office 1b
Tel. 0038 067 670 04 17 / 0038 0 667-2-3-4- 667
0038 032 242 15 90/ 0038 097 684 64 08
e-mail: doctitovets@gmail.com, art.lviv.2010@gmail.com

Received on January 3, 2011:



29 January - 26 March 2011

Opens: Saturday, 29 January 2011 at 6.30pm
Introduction: Paolo Bolpagni, Brescia University

Silvia Beltrami, born in Rome in 1974 and for quite some time now living in northern Italy, is regarded as the young, very promising representative of an unusual art form. She devotes herself to a refreshingly contemporary interpretation of collage. Holder of a diploma from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, the artist works mainly with wallpaper and newsprint on used cardboard or rendered canvas to create her dynamic and vibrant compositions.
Deploying extraordinary dexterity and astonishing powers of visualisation, Beltrami transfers visual ideas developed in small formats to large surfaces. With a deft hand she designs complex picture spaces and figurative ensembles. Familiar with the fresco technique since her student days, she often returns to it as the starting-point and basis of pictures that unfold on compact supports to attest to lightness and a stunningly original imagination.
Silvia Beltrami concentrates on selected current phenomena and problems afflicting contemporary society. She examines, for instance, the defamiliarising effect of fashion and consumer pressures on young people, with the concomitant ego dissolution and loss of identity caused by superficiality and addiction to the contemporary "me culture", along with the anonymity and pressure for success generated by the working environment.
Our exhibition, however, focuses on a new group of works by the artist inspired by the lively rhythms of Limbo and Rave dancing, which we are, moreover, justified in interpreting as a metaphor for the accelerated derailment of our existential condition. Not only does Limbo stand for an exotic cult-inspired dance (associated with funerary rites) but it is also a reference to ancient and early Christian ideas of a temporary state between Heaven and Hell in which both guilt and atonement are suspended. This is how Beltrami views the disorientated behaviour of so many of her contemporaries, who act without any secure basis for what they are doing and take up no decisive stances.

Her previous works, which are invariably distinguished by clear, systematic plot organisation; now, by contrast, Beltrami explodes conventional visual patterns and the laws of composition. Her protagonists, composed of minute fragments, float in turbulent movement through a galaxy of sorts strewn with splinters of material condensing into nebulous webs to give the action a setting, albeit one that defies conventional classification.
She leaves it up to our imagination to share in our mind¢s eye the euphoria of these dancers, and be at once attracted and disturbed by the wrenching trial of strength between material and dynamism, figure and space, full of the power and force of an eruption exploding from the void.
Beltrami is not so much concerned with critically reflecting on lifestyle trends as she is with neutrally, although occasionally partially observing what belongs to her generation. Seismographically registering the tension and its discharge, she hurls herself into her motifs with passion and empathy nonetheless underpinned by prudent neutrality.
Her inimitable mastery of technique has earned Beltrami worldwide recognition: in Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Israel. In 2010 her work was shown at the Italian Cultural Affairs Institute in Munich. Beltrami will be taking part in the International Paper Art Exhibition 'In between' at the Wilfried Israel Museum of Asian Arts and Studies in 2011.

Opening hours:
We-Sa 10am-12.30; 3.30pm-7.30pm
By appointment: 0039 - 331 331 16 81

MAUER ZILIOLI Contemporary Arts
Associazione Culturale
Presidente: Dr. Ellen Maurer Zilioli
Via Trieste 42 b
I - 25121 Brescia  BS
Tel/Fax: + 39 - 030 - 50 31 093
Mobile: + 39 - 331 331 16 81

Received on July 25, 2010:

"Naked Bodies, Naked Souls"

a group exhibit at Loft Gallery


WHAT: "Naked Bodies, Naked Souls," a group exhibit

WHEN: August 13-September 4, 2010

Opening reception from 7-9 p.m. on Friday, August 13, 2010

WHERE: Loft Gallery, Delaware Arts Center, 37 Main St, 2nd Floor, Narrowsburg, NY

COST: Free and open to the public

An international array of artists is showing original paintings,
sculptures, photographs, and limited edition hand-pulled prints for
the first time in the Upper Delaware Valley as part of "Naked Bodies,
Naked Souls," a group exhibit curated by Jan Kapera of JKK Fine Arts.
The exhibit opens at the Loft Gallery at the Delaware Arts Center in
Narrowsburg, NY on Friday, August 13, with a reception from 7-9 p.m.
The show will be on view through September 4.

"The realm of 'Naked Bodies, Naked Souls' is a very private, personal
world; a world of artists' secrets, dreams, feelings, and deepest
emotions," says curator Kapera. "They have expressed the unexpressed--
they have found the way to show spiritual and mystical states of soul
in dream-like, symbolic images."

This exhibit features the work of 16 international artists: Daniel Barkley (Canadian), Luigi Casalino (Italian), Joanna Chrobak (Polish), John Dugdale (American, NYC), Barbara Falender (Polish), Michel Henricot (French), Michael Kuch (American, MA), Tom Misztal (American, OR), Aleksandra Nowak (American, NJ), Darek Nowakowski (American, NYC), Egidijus Rudinskas (Lithuanian), Krzysztof Skorczewski (Polish), Lubomir Tomaszewski (American, CT), David Vance (American, FL),
Damian Wojtowicz (Polish), and Piotr Woroniec (Polish).

"'Naked Bodies, Naked Souls' is not about eroticism, it is about the
beauty of the body and the soul," says Kapera. "It is about human
emotions--loves, sorrows, desires and quests, happiness and despair."

Free and open to the public, the exhibit is sponsored by the Delaware
Valley Arts Alliance, the Arts Council for Sullivan County, NY, and is
made possible in part with public funds from the Visual Arts Program
of the New York State Council on the Arts, a State agency.

Loft Gallery is located at the Delaware Arts Center at 37 Main Street,
Narrowsburg, NY. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
For more information about the exhibit call (845) 252-7576 or
visit www.ArtsAllianceSite.org

Received on May 19, 2010:



April 30, 2010 (Winchester, MA) British photographer Heather McDonough, who lived across the street from Doris, got to know the elderly woman briefly when she went into her home to take her portrait.

After Doris died and the house was sold, McDonough went back to the house to take a series of photographs for a book project. "I wanted to show some of Doris¢ personality and keep that essence of a person," McDonough says. "Doris is one life in one house in Britain. This study is not an in-depth history, but a glimpse of a private and very English life."

The series Doris is featured in The Atelier Gallery at the Stoneham Theatre in Stoneham, MA, May 17 through June 29. An opening reception is May 20, 6-7:30 p.m. The exhibit runs parallel to the theater¢s production of Gaslight.

I made Doris as I am interested in things disappearing, change, and human remnants," McDonough says. "We seem to make, or at least hope to make, an indentation or impression while we are alive, but once we are dead, unless this existence is documented or our objects preserved there is nothing left after our physical presence is gone. This is about how quickly we are lost."

The book includes 22 full-page color close-up photographs of the wallpapers and textiles found in the house, as well as 14 family photographs from Doris¢ archives and text by neighbors who knew Doris.

"It¢s about what you see, wallpapers, dirt, traces, objects, time and space, flowers, flowers in everything -the curtains, the net curtains, her dresses," McDonough says.

It¢s also universal. "The house is a place where we dream, it is a place where we are sheltered and protected,¢¢ she adds. "Often when someone is describing their childhood memories or we are looking at someone else¢s family photographs, we cannot help but bring our own memories to the fore, and immediately start recalling our own stories."

McDonough is a freelance photographer, artist, filmmaker, curator, and lecturer based in London, England. For the past 10 years, she¢s been creating portraits as part of her personal work, commissions, and exhibits, and is currently accepting commissions for books and magazines.

The Griffin Museum¢s Atelier Gallery at the Stoneham Theatre is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, 1-6 p.m., and one hour before each theater performance. The gallery can be accessed through the Stoneham Theatre¢s lobby at 395 Main Street in Stoneham, MA.

The Stoneham Theatre is a professional nonprofit regional theater that presents eight shows a year. For more information, visit www.stonehamtheatre.org.

The Griffin Museum in Winchester is open Tuesday through Thursday, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm; Friday 11:00 am - 4:00 pm; and Saturday and Sunday, 12:00 - 4:00 pm. The Museum is closed on Monday. Admission is $5 for adults; $2 for seniors. Members and children under 12 are admitted free. Admission is free to all every Thursday. For more information, call 781-729-1158, or visit www.griffinmuseum.org.


About the Griffin Museum
The Griffin Museum of Photography was founded in 1992 to provide a forum for the exhibition of both historic and contemporary photography. The Museum houses three galleries dedicated solely to the exploration of photographic arts: the Main Gallery, which features rotating exhibits from some of the world¢s leading photographers; the Atelier Gallery dedicated to showcasing the works of prominent, up-and-coming artists; and the Griffin Gallery, home to the extensive archives of Museum founder and world-renowned photojournalist Arthur Griffin. For more on the Griffin Museum of Photography, visit www.griffinmuseum.org.

Received on March 26, 2009:


The time of the image

(Fotografia Europea - Reggio Emilia, 30th April /3rd May 2009)

Exhibitions until 7th June

Is it possible to capture the heart of time in a photograph, reaching out and touching eternity? This and other suggestive questions are debated in the fourth edition of Fotografia Europea, running from 30th April to 7th June 2009 in Reggio Emilia. Directed by the art critic Elio Grazioli and promoted by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, this international event holds the key theme of eternity. Eternity pursued, narrated and dreamt of through a journey running through around one hundred exhibition spaces, with the contribution of great photographers and critics from the sector and with the intervention - during the opening days, from Thursday 30th April to Sunday 3rd May - of authoritative guests from the worlds of art, science and culture.


The inauguration of the exhibitions is accompanied by a packed calendar of events, from Thursday 30th April to Sunday 3rd May. From lectio magistralis, workshops, readings, projections, meetings, entertainment and concerts, Fotografia Europea 2009 brings together authoritative members of the national and international artistic and intellectual world to debate the subject of eternity and tell it in their own words. In a conference, hosting the art critic Jean-Christophe Bailly, the philosopher Remo Bodei and the geneticist Edoardo Boncinelli; in a performance, by DJ Benny Benassi in the historical Piazza San Prospero in Reggio Emilia, accompanied by videos made using original materials by the American photographer Allan Tannenbaum; in the readings by the guest authors Grazia Livi, Giorgio Rimondi and Beppe Sebaste; in the music of the song writer Lucio Dalla, star of the musical event dedicated to his friend; in the Photo Show evenings, directed by Laura Serani, in which film shows, debates and live music act as a backdrop for photography today, proposed by some of the great international agencies and photography groups accompanied by a series of slide shows selected for Fotografia Europea.

A full and varied agenda, therefore, with this programme further enriched by portfolio readings, a series of photography, video and graphic workshops, in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Inside, and seminars concerning the protection and conservation of the historical and contemporary photographic heritage addressing cultural operators and university students organised by the Photographic library of the Panizzi Library.
And for the younger audience, worthy of note is the exhibition by the photographer and illustrator Katy Couprie edited by the "Giannino Stoppani" Cooperative in Bologna - which during the opening events will be accompanied by a range of entertainment initiatives for children involving the artist herself, as well as the didactic project "Fotografare il tempo". The time of transformation and the time of the body, a series of expressive laboratories on the language of photography for children from 3 to 14 years old, managed by Reggio Children in collaboration with the Civic Museum.


Homages, personal exhibitions, productions and projects. These are the four guiding threads of the exhibitions of Fotografia Europea, open until Sunday 7th June 2009. Their institutional base runs through the most prestigious places of art and culture in the city (San Domenico cloisters, Parmeggiani Gallery, Palazzo Casotti, Spazio Gerra, the Synagogue, the Ariosto Theatre) and from these spread an informal network in the galleries, bars, restaurants, bookshops and cafes to offer visitors a chance to fully immerse themselves in the image, through the works of Italian and international masters, and to debate and exchange opinions, maybe leafing through a book or sipping a coffee.

Homage to Josef Sudek
A retrospective exhibition - one of the first in Italy - dedicated to the unquestioned master of 20th century European photography, the Czech Josef Sudek, offers a chance to capture the magic of an artist who, with the strength of vision went beyond the limits of the body (following an injury during the First World War, his arm was amputated). Famed for his "views of Prague", Sudek never followed the rules of reportage or the sirens of experimentation, but rather concentrated on the poetry of a still image, on the light which illuminates and captures objects, on the condensation which crystallises them in time (the misting of a damp window is one of the clearest metaphors in his works).

Personal exhibitions
Four personal exhibitions are on show at Fotografia Europea 2009. Franco Vimercati, Balthasar Burkhard, Joan Fontcuberta are three artists dealing with the issue of eternity with different sensitivities and approaches. From Vimercati's objects, on a black background, extrapolated from chronological time and inserted in a different time, abstract and almost metaphysical; to the plasticity of the shapes of Burkhard's subjects, who taking inspiration from the history of photography and the classic subjects of painting, creates large black and white formats - portraits, life-size exotic animals, virgin forests and metropolitan cities photographed from the open door of a helicopter, alongside the heliographs done in the Atelier in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, and conserved at the Cabinet Cantonal des Estampes in the Jenisch Museum - which generate a dialectic tension with the spaces in which they are exhibited: these are the subjects of the works on show.
Passing through Fontcuberta's neo-technological provocations, this (not only photographer but also) semiologist and linguist proposes his works on the fragmentary image and the utopia of the presumed encyclopedial communication of the Internet.

An exceptional event is also dedicated to the great French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, critic of the consumer society and theorist of post-modern thought, he died in 2007: the exhibition of more than fifty shots, supported by a selection of texts and a video which illustrate the notion of appearance/disappearance as a peculiar element of its poetry. During the opening days of the event, the exhibition will be accompanied by a performance, directed by his wife Marine Baudrillard and the philosopher and musician Jean-Paul Curnier.

The original productions of the festival
In line with its now traditional formula, Fotografia Europea 2009 presents three productions by European artists, called to offer a personal and iconographic interpretation of this edition's key theme. Maria Papadimitriou from Greece, chosen by art critic Gabi Scardi for her strong commitment to public art, proposes a participated project, developed over several months in the city and with the city; Elena Arzuffi, artist from Milan, presented by Daniele De Luigi, who offers a production dedicated to the Gattaglio neighbourhood; and the Swiss Goran Galic and Gian-Reto Gredig, winners in 2008 of the 'The Core of Industry' contest, who exhibit the results of a photographic and video research work carried out over the whole municipal territory on the subject of industry. At the end of the exhibition, all the works will be purchased by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, to enhance the city's artistic heritage.

The projects
The exhibitions of the fourth edition of the Fotografia Europea concludes with a selection of special photographic research projects.

The magic of the final photograph, a departing glance and the testament before the final journey, lies at the centre of Fino all'inizio del mondo ("Until the start of the world"), an installation dedicated to Luigi Ghirri, in which the last photo taken by the artist before his premature death in 1992 is reproposed. Edited by Paola Borgonzoni Ghirri, the installation in the ancient Synagogue is accompanied by a reflection on eternity and the time of the image by Beppe Sebaste, writer and connoisseur of the Ghirri's works.

Clear Light, a collective tribute to the Dalai Lama, directed by Melina Mulas, Laura Serani and Giovanna Calvenzi, is on the other hand based on the fifty shots designed as a gift for the greatest Buddhist spiritual authority to remember his fifty years of exile from Tibet and signed by as many famous Italian photographers. Each image represents an emblematic step in the creative evolution of the artists and is accompanied by a short text to motivate the choice.

While the council apartments of Saint Petersburg are at the centre of Kommunalka, the project which earned the photo-reporter Francoise Huguier the "Gran Prix de la ville de Arles 2008" and which is re-proposed in Reggio Emilia accompanied by a cinema event dedicated to this French photographer and director, another apartment - represented and dissected on a 1:1 scale - is the star of Stanze by Fabio Sandri. In this work - presented together with the video installation Costruzioni - the artist not only plays with the images but also with the materials and methods used to capture them (the impression of the rooms is done directly on photosensitive paper, on which the videos of Costruzioni are then projected).

This section is completed with Erminia De Luca, Marco Signorini and Luigi Menozzi's views of nature by (an interior nature, human, organic, for the first; external, wonderful, increasingly far from us, for the second; investigated in the signs which evoke the divine placed in relation with those left by man which in turn remind of the sacred, unchanging, eternal, for the third), Riccardo Varini's sombre, poetic, almost minimalist images, a reflection through images by Antonio Biasiucci on votive offerings as a synthesis and the essence of human events, a selection by Adriana Polveroni of works on large-format photographic supports by Giuseppe Pietroniro accompanied by a video installation and created specially for Spazio Gerra, and Ivano Bolondi's Graffiti Futuri, veritable decontextualisations of architecture, its lines and volumes.

Fotografia Europea. Reggio Emilia 2009
can be found on www.fotografiaeuropea.it

Received on January 14, 2009:



February 20 – March 29, 2009

Friday, February 20, 6 – 8pm

14A Orchard Street, New York NY 10002 | 212 226 5447

INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Lisa Kirk, House of Cards.

* * *

In the current economic crisis, Americans have been forced to reckon directly with the anxious and guilt-ridden underbelly of the late-capitalist system that has, for several generations, sustained us. For the last decade, Lisa Kirk has produced bold multi-media work and environmental installations that explore the spectacle of capitalism, terrorism and political violence. Her exhibition House of Cards offers a familiar yet deconstructed vision, drawn from our collective nightmare of a post-capitalist future. The work, maison des cartes, a show model “shanty timeshare” built from 52 separate pieces of found materials, will occupy the central space of the gallery, and will continue by transforming the gallery’s office into a functioning real estate salesroom. There, viewers will be presented with the chance to buy into the private residence club. Upon the show’s completion, the structure will be rebuilt in a new location where shareholders will have the opportunity to experience shanty living. After 52 weeks, maison des cartes will be disassembled and distributed to the shareholders as 52 separate and unique artworks.

Kirk’s work delivers a raw portrayal of the emotional experience of living in the early 21st century, but as much as House of Cards is social critique and satire, it is also a study in contemporary political imagery. The shanty is a powerful reminder of the Third World costs of Western wealth, the looming history of the Great Depression, and a harrowing invocation of the way we imagine the instability and insecurity of our own well-being.

Kirk’s shanty will be coupled with an underground installation of her updated project, Revolution (06-09). Last exhibited at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Revolution appeared as a fragrance lab and terrorist headquarters suspended upside-down from the museum’s ceiling. Curator Hans Askheim has said, “Kirk demystifies the idea of revolution, and suggests a new reading of radicality. [She] also attempts to decode our bourgeois culture by using the language of advertising, and seek to reveal how “radical chic” is used as a propaganda tool for the market economy.”

Lisa Kirk’s work has been exhibited at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center | Museum of Modern Art affiliate; Galería Comercial, PR; Participant INC., NY; and MOT International, London. She has also contributed projects to North Drive Press, NY; Creative Time, NY; and Charlie, NY. Her curated projects include LEGION, Bonds of Love, at John Connelly Presents, The Outlaw Series and You. Her work has been reviewed in Artforum.com, L’uomo Vogue, Plan B, The Guardian, Time Out London/New York, The New York Times, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, and Art Review.

* * *

INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is a gallery dedicated to superior conceptual work. IE is located in the Lower East Side, at 14A Orchard Street, just north of Canal. The hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 11-6:30pm, and by appointment. For more information, call 212 226 5447 or email: info@invisible-exports.com

Received on October 10, 2008:

2nd Athens Biennale 2009: Heaven

2nd Athens Biennale 2009
15 June - 4 October 2009
Preview: 13 & 14 June 2009

Dimitris Papaioannou & Zafos Xagoraris
Cay Sophie Rabinowitz
Diana Baldon
Chus Martinez
Nadja Argyropoulou
Christopher Marinos

Artistic Directors:

Exhibition Design:
Andreas Angelidakis

The 2nd Athens Biennale 2009 will take place from June 15th to October 4th 2009. The exhibitions and events of the biennale will unfold along the coastline of Palaio Faliro, at a short distance from the city centre, the public beach called "Eden", in various buildings and public spaces.

The 2nd Athens Biennale 2009 Heaven is designed as a multi-faceted contemporary art event, comprising of several exhibitions, actions, music and theatre performances, film screenings, symposia, etc, with the participation of more than 100 international artists.

Artistic directors XYZ, who curated the 1st Athens Biennale 2007 Destroy Athens, have invited an eclectic group of curators to contemplate the subject of Heaven. Heaven as a wide topic touches upon notions such as lost innocence, nature and ecology, utopias and ideal communities. From this premise, a creative dialogue begins, which will reflect upon the theme itself as well as the methodology surrounding large-scale periodical exhibitions. The diverse approaches of the 2nd Athens Biennale 2009 team of curators will retain their autonomy, while interconnecting creatively and claiming a narrative cohesion which will be further reflected in the exhibition design, by architect and artist Andreas Angelidakis. The multiple visual art and performative interventions in the public spaces will be curated by Dimitris Papaioannou and Zafos Xagoraris. Exhibitions, installations, public interventions, screening programmes, and symposia, will be curated by Nadja Argyropoulou, Diana Baldon, Christopher Marinos, Chus Martinez, and Cay Sophie Rabinowitz.

The 2nd Athens Biennale 2009 Preview Days are June 13th & 14th 2009.

Athens Biennale
8 Acharnon Str. 10432 Athens
T: +30 210 5232.222
F: +30 210 5232.202
E: contact@athensbiennial.org
URL: http://www.athensbiennial.org

Received on August 9, 2008:



Exhibition: Multiple Realities
Opening: August 10th, 2008, from 3-6 pm.
Exhibition Dates: August 10, 2008-Sept 20
Curator: Maya Kovskaya
Participating Artists: Feng Shu, Han Bing, Li Qing, Sun Huiyuan, Sun Xun, Tao Aimin, Weng Yunpeng, Xia Jing, Michael Zheng, Zheng Lu, Zhou Xiaohu
Host Gallery: F2Gallery

Multiple Realities
Curated by Beijing-based art critic Maya Kovskaya, "Multiple Realities" examines the rhizomatically recursive and polyvalent nature of the world in which we live, through the multidisciplinary art practices of 11 contemporary artists, using oil painting, video, mixed media installation, sculpture, experimental ink wash, and light box photography installation to investigate the multiplicity at the core of the human condition. The concept of "multiple realities" speaks to rhizomatic processes of juxtaposition and paradox, duality and inversion, mimesis and recursion, which animate the artistic languages and conceptual investigations of these artists' works. Works include Xia Jing's caged, decapitated, behemoth Buddha-that icon of transcendence and harmony with nature-cast in compressed coal-the quintessential symbol of humanity's short-sighted, destructive dependence on the ongoing exploitation of nature; Tao Aimin's stunning ink wash installation made from "rubbings" of the labor-worn wooden washboards of rural women, whose ceaseless mundane, manual labor marks the passage of their lives; Michael Zheng's recursive hole in the wall that isn't quite what it seems; Feng Shu's stylized, elegant ceramic and metal insects who may outlast us all; Zheng Lu's bombs made from vermilion "double happiness" characters, typically used to symbolize newlywed bliss; Sun Huiyuan's inverted AK47s that asked the spectator to gaze down the bullet-hole of the barrel of the gun and confront the violence of the human condition; Zhou Xiaohu's interpenetrating realities in his dual channel video work, "Conspiracy;" Sun Xun's sophisticated animation videos that project apocalyptic take-overs and possible futures for humanity; Weng Yunpeng's conceptual paintings that juxtapose the local and the global; Li Qing's painting and photography mixed media work, "Monument" from his Collision series, in which we consider the shifting meanings of national monuments and the complex histories they symbolize in reference to one another; and Han Bing's ethereal inverted images of glamorous high-rises, shantytowns and construction sites rising in the reflections of Beijing's ubiquitous, pollution-infested, garbage-clogged "stinky rivers," that capture China's fantasy of modernization-both "the detritus and the dream"-set off in sharp relief within a single image.

Curator Bio
Maya Kovskaya is a Beijing-based writer, art critic and curator with over a decade of experience living in China. She has curated numerous exhibitions, including, most recently, China Under Construction II at the 2008 Fotofest 12th International Photography Biennial (USA, 2008), worked with the Asia Triennial Manchester ATM08 (curatorial liaison for the project at The International 3, UK, 2008); curated China Under Construction I, at Art Houston (USA, 2007); Age of Big Construction (PRC, 2007); The Fatalistic Language of Things (USA, 2007); On the Stage of Modernization (USA, 2007); The Fragmented Gaze: Video Art from the People's Republic (USA, 2007); Love in the Age of Big Construction (PRC and USA, 2006); Quotidian Iconic (curatorial coordinator, PRC, 2006); The Other Shore of Desire (USA, 2006) Estrangements and Engagements: Contemporary Chinese Video Art (Canada, 2006), Misalignments: Chinese Performance and Video Art Documenta (USA, 2006), Other Modernities (USA, 2006), and others. Upcoming exhibitions include, China on the Road (Brussels, 02.2009), and Action-Camera! Beijing Performance Photography at the Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, for which she is curatorial coordinator (Canada, 2009). Her writing has appeared in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Catalan and Spanish in numerous art catalogues, academic volumes, and magazines, such as Flash Art, Contemporary, Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Art Post, Art iT, Art Map, Art Manager, Eyemazing: International Contemporary Photography Magazine, and positions: east asia cultures critique. Her book on Chinese contemporary art, China Under Construction: Contemporary Art from the People's Republic (2007) is available in bookstores worldwide.

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Received on June 18, 2008:

DHC/ART presents the North American premiere of

Prenez soin de vous by Sophie Calle

July 4 to October 19, 2008

DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art is delighted to present Sophie Calle's critically acclaimed exhibition
Prenez soin de vous (Take Care of Yourself), from July 4 to October 19, 2008.

At the heart of this exhibition is a break-up e-mail that the artist received from a lover, which ends with the line "Take Care of Yourself". Sophie Calle decided to do just that:

"I received an email telling me it was over. I didn't know how to respond. It was almost as if it hadn't been meant for me. It ended with the words "Take Care of yourself". And so I did. I asked 107 women (including two made from wood and one with feathers), chosen for their profession or skills, to interpret this letter. To analyze it, comment on it, dance it, sing it. Dissect it. Exhaust it. Understand it for me. Answer for me. It was a way of taking the time to break up. A way of taking care of myself."

Originally produced for the French Pavilion at the 2007 Venice Biennale, Prenez soin de vous consists of texts, photos, films and voices of 107 women of all ages who interpret the break-up letter through their various professions. Those women include, among others, actress Miranda Richardson, musician Feist, a psychoanalyst, a mother, a visionary, a publicist, and a cruciverbalist. This poetic and often touching project speaks to us all about our relation to the loved one.

One of France's pre-eminent artists, Calle mixes photography, text, performance and video in conceptually-inflected narratives of desire, loss and abandonment. Through humour, pathos, fetishism and voyeurism the artist tests and ultimately redraws the boundaries of private and public life.

Artist's Talk July 2 at the SAT
Sophie Calle will give an artist's talk about her work on Wednesday, July 2 at 7:00 pm at the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), 1195 St-Laurent Blvd (Montreal, Canada). The conference is open to the general public. Free admission, limited number of seats.

DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art
Inaugurated in the Fall of 2007, DHC/ART presents some of the most compelling art from around the world. Accessible and welcoming, with free admission and flexible opening hours, the Foundation is an important addition to Montreal's cultural life and a premiere venue for contemporary art.

Summer Gallery Hours:
Wednesday to Friday from 12 PM to 9 PM
Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM to 9 PM
Free admission

451 St-Jean (corner Notre-Dame, in Old Montreal), Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2R5 Canada

Information for the general public: 514.849.3742 - info@dhc-art.org - www.dhc-art.org

For media enquiries:
Myriam Achard
Communications and Marketing Director
myriam@dhc-art.org | T: 514.779.8868

Internal distribution on December 20, 2007:

Exhibition of ANTILIPSEIS magazine


on the american web-magazine LUMINOUS-LINT

Exhibition for
Contemporary Greek Photography
on the american magazine


Contemporary Greek Photography: Nocturne


Pavlos Satoglou

With photographs by:

Eri Skyrgianni

Vassilis Bakaloudis

Dimitris Papageorgiou

Angela Svoronou

Efi Panagoula

Daimon Xanthopoulos

Maro Kouri

Manolis Kasimatis

You may view it by clicking HERE

Received on September 15, 2007:


This dust was gentlemen and ladies

09 Oct - 24 Nov 2007
Private View 09 Oct, 6-8pm

35 Heddon Street
London W1B 4BP

'Conceivably, drawing may be the most haunting obsession the mind can experience.'
- Paul Valery

Christiana Soulou's first solo show at Sadie Coles HQ comprises a recent series of her deceptively delicate drawings. While drawing has recently experienced a renewed importance in the art world as a primary rather than a secondary medium, for Soulou it has always been an exquisite end in itself.

The title of the show, inspired by an Emily Dickinson poem, is evocative of both Soulou's strong literary grounding as well as her fascination with the enigma of death. Born of her hazy obsessions, for the most part focusing on the human body, Soulou's activity is investigative, diagrammatic, at times bordering on the anatomical. Indeed, in her writings Soulou reflects on the studies of curvilinear perspective by the sixteenth-century Clouet brothers and twentieth century mathematician Godel Kurt's incompleteness theorem. Yet with bones made visible, faces disappearing, and limbs silently absent, her images have an intoxicating effect that regularly leads the viewer to lay personal claim to the visions they perceive. Often described as ghostly but with an assuredness of line firmly grounded in the present, Soulou's drawings possess a curious permanence. Haunting and insistent, the intensity of Soulou's drawings is formidable.

Christiana Soulou was born in Athens in 1961. She studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris. She has staged two solo shows in Athens (2003, 2006, Galerie 3) and one in Paris (2004, Galeries Samy Kinge). She has participated in group exhibitions including Petite impertinence, Cachan, France (1996), and Panic Room: Works from The Dakis Joannou Collection, DESTE, Athens (2005), Dream & Trauma: Works from The Dakis Joannou Collection, Vienna (2007). She also took part in Of Mice and Men, the 4th Berlin Bienniale. A new book of the artist's writings is being published by DESTE, to complement the foundation's current exhibition Fractured: Figure (2007). She lives and works in Athens.

For further information or images please contact Julia Holdway on +44 20 7434 2227 or julia@sadiecoles.com

Received on September 13, 2007:

Laurent Elie Badessi


After the billboard displayed in Cannes on la Croisette throughout the summer, another show will be opening this month on the French Riviera, in Nice. For those who will be traveling in this beautiful part of the world, make a stop to this great gallery located near the Museum of Modern Art.

Gallery Helenbeck.


Laurent Elie Badessi


Opening Reception
Tuesday September 18, 2007 - 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Exhibition from September 20 until November 17, 2007

6, rue Defly 06000 Nice, France

Tel 04 93 54 22 82

Gallery open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and by appointment.

Received on September 13, 2007:



September 14th - December 2nd 2007

The private Museum Herakleidon, Experience in Visual Arts in cooperation with the Francesco Scavullo Foundation and the Motion Picture Group, will present from September 14th 2007, for the first time in Greece, one of America's greatest photographers and portraitists, Francesco Scavullo (1929 - 2004, New York). The exhibition will include 90 of his most famous photographs and will take place during the 14th International Month of Photography.

As famous as the people he photographed, for over 50 years Francesco Scavullo immortalized celebrities in every field of endeavor.  Among the eclectic mix were emerging and established stars in fashion, beauty, music, film, theatre and sports. Scavullo's innovative lighting technique and impeccable artistry created iconic images that are now part of the American cultural landscape. His photographs graced the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Life, Time, Newsweek, Town and Country, Harper's Bazaar, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Harper's and Queen, L'Officiel and Max.

The celebrities that have been photographed by Scavullo include but are not limited to Mick Jagger, Sting, Janis Joplin, Bernadette Peters, Diana Ross, Cher, Luciano Pavarotti, Ravi Shankar, Lena Horne, Deborah Harry, David Bowie, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, Faye Dunaway, Susan Sarandon, Rene Russo, Elizabeth Taylor, Glenn Close, Bette Midler, Bette Davis, Anthony Hopkins, Paul Newman / Joan Woodward, Brad Pitt, Isabella Rosselini, Muhammad Alli and Salvador Dali.

Scavullo's photographs are part of the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA, Guggenheim and the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth Texas. The retrospective has been included in the permanent collections of leading international museums, most notably The National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian Institute.

Franscesco Scavullo (1929 - 2004) remembered......

* Susan Sarandon "I worked with Francesco early on in my career and his confidence and enthusiasm made me feel beautiful.  His lighting was so wonderful that the pictures always were so much more flattering than I'd ever experienced.  He was an artist but somehow not intimidating.  I always had fun at the sittings".

* Barbra Streisand

"Thank you for honoring my friend, Francesco Scavullo.  He was a great photographer with a unique eye.  But, most of all, he had a loving heart that sought and always found the beauty in his subjects.  I miss him".

* Claudia Schiffer

"I will always remember Francesco very fondly. He was a kind hearted, a wonderfully creative man and above all a fantastic photographer. He was one of the first photographers to take my portrait in the US and he took me under his wing - for that I will always be grateful."

* Sean Byrnes

Death- Defying
Amazing and 

Special Thanks
Our thanks to Sean Byrnes, the Francesco Scavullo Foundation and the Motion Picture Group for their generosity and assistance with this exhibition.

Francesco Scavullo
(1929 - 2004)

Acknowledged as one of America's greatest photographers and portraitists, Scavullo has captured on film some of the most famous personalities of the 20th century.  An inspiration for generations of photographers, his work portrayed the sculptural qualities of beauty and character.  As famous as the people he photographed, for over 50 years Scavullo immortalized celebrities in every field of endeavor.  Among the eclectic mix were emerging and established stars in fashion, beauty, music, film, theatre and sports.  Scavullo's innovative lighting technique and impeccable artistry created iconic images that are now part of the American cultural landscape.

Scavullo was a life-long New Yorker, born in Staten Island on January 16, 1929. When he was six, his family moved to Manhattan, where his father had bought a chic supper club.  It was the elder Scavullo's dream that his son would one day follow him into the business.  Fascinated by images of beauty, the youngster's interests included window-shopping on Fifth Avenue and looking through his mother's fashion magazines.  The aspiring young photographer began by taking snapshots with his father's camera, drafting his sisters as models. Upon graduating from high school, Scavullo found work at a studio that produced fashion catalogs.  He soon moved to Vogue magazine, where he worked with prominent fashion photographers Cecil Beaton, John Rawlings, and Horst P. Horst.  Scavullo was Horst's assistant, studying his methods, and learning how to employ camera angles and lighting techniques such as using muslin filters or bouncing light off a white umbrella to make the most flattering pictures possible.

Scavullo shot his first cover for Seventeen, launching his career as a fashion photographer, and throughout the 50's and 60's he was in constant demand. In 1965 Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown hired him to develop a sexier look for the magazine's cover.  Scavullo created the Cosmo Girl, celebrating women's sexuality.  He shot every cover for the next 30 years. Beginning in 1972, he was assisted by stylist and editor Sean M. Byrnes who became his life partner. Scavullo created memorable shots for album covers, movie posters, and Broadway shows.  His photographs graced the covers of Vogue, Rolling Stone, Life, Time, Newsweek, Town and Country, Harper's Bazaar, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Harper's and Queen, L'Officiel and Max.

Scavullo's unforgettable images include: Andy Warhol and Gail Cook holding a whiplash; Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in "A Star is Born", Janis Joplin stubbing her forefinger, Diana Ross in a wet t-shirt for her album "Diana", Cher in her assortment of wigs, a child Brooke Shields, and Julie Andrews in "Victor Victoria".

Francesco was renowned for his enamel on canvas photo silk-screens, portraits and still lifes. Some commissioned portraits include Grace Kelly, Cher, Madonna, Kim Basinger, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He was also commissioned to photograph Rose Kennedy's 93rd birthday in Hyannis Port and Nancy Reagan at the White House in 1984.

In 2003, Scavullo embarked on a special publishing project. He wanted his most celebrated images to be produced in a series of portfolios. Thefirst portfolio titled "Song", features Mick Jagger, Sting, Janis Joplin, Bernadette Peters, Diana Ross, Cher, Luciano Pavarotti, Ravi Shankar, Lena Horne and Deborah Harry.

The second portfolio titled "Hollywood Women", features iconic actresses Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, Faye Dunaway, Susan Sarandon, Rene Russo, Elizabeth Taylor, Glenn Close and Bette Midler.

These editions are "Archive Prints" (silver gelatin) made from the original negative and authenticated by Sean Byrnes.

Scavullo's photographs are part of the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA, Guggenheim and the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth Texas. Accordingly, the retrospective has been included in the permanent collections of leading international museums, most notably The National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution.

Scavullo worked until the very end of his life, and both his passion for photography and artistry remained strong. Scavullo died in New York on January 6, 2004.  His partner in life and art, Sean Byrnes, survives him.

Museum Hours
Tues. - Sat: 13:00 - 21:00
Sun.: 11:00 - 19:00
Monday: closed

Herakleidon, Experience in Visual Arts
Herakleidon 16, 118 51 Thissio
210 34 61 981
Metro Station: Thissio
Groups Visits : Kindly call to make arrangements

Received on September 9, 2007:

FRED [Leipzig] permanent gallery opening;

Susanne Kuhn at Kunstverein Freiburg

FRED [London] is delighted to announce the launch of a gallery in Leipzig, Germany on September 15, 2007

Following the success of FRED [London], the launch of FRED [Label] and the completion of FRED's project space in Leipzig, Fred Mann and Director Rachael Lawe are delighted to announce the opening of a permanent exhibition space in Leipzig in the Spinnerei.

FRED's new Leipzig gallery programme will consist of four annual shows featuring both solo and curated group exhibitions. The inaugural show will feature a major new video installation by Melanie Manchot. The installation entitled Shave has previously been exhibited at the New Forest pavilion, 52nd Venice Biennale.

FRED [Leipzig] is located in the Leipzig Spinnerei, a former 70,000 square feet cotton-mill, which has achieved international fame as the home of the New Leipzig School of Painting. The complex consists of 23 restored buildings that house a large creative community of designers, artists and architects. FRED [Leipzig] joins the numerous German and international contemporary art galleries in the complex, including Gerd Harry Lybke's Eigen + Art, Perogi Brooklyn/Leipzig and Dogenhaus Galerie.

The opening of the space on September 15th will coincide with the Spinnerei's Autumn "Rundgang" and will include a live performance by FRED [Label] artist Pauline Taylor.

FRED is delighted to announce the inaugural exhibition at FRED Leipzig: Melanie Manchot, Shave

For the inaugural exhibition in the new Leipzig gallery, FRED presents Melanie Manchot's major new video installation Shave, 2007.

David Thorp observes;

"Objectivity and intimacy, separateness and closeness are qualities that underlie Manchot's practice. In her most recent work Shave the camera slowly turns on a seated man who gradually has all his body hair removed from the waist up. Starting with electric clippers, a barber then slowly and painstakingly moves a cut-throat razor over the surface of the mans body. [...] Association between the razor and the softness of the skin is underplayed, there is no exaggeration of the relationship between the two men. We, the viewers, and the artist voyeuristically watch this slow and intimate process. Manchot's ability to clear away any obfuscation from her subject matter has resulted in works that have developed her capacity to transmit psychological insight through her imagery."

*extract from the New Forest Pavilion Catalogue,
52nd International Venice Biennale, 2007

FRED [London] ist erfreut, die Neueroffnung der Galerie in Leipzig am 15. September 2007 ankundigen zu durfen

Nach dem Erfolg von FRED [London], der Neueroffnung von FRED [Label] und der Abschluss von FREDs Projektraum in Leipzig, sind Fred Mann und Rachael Lawe erfreut, die Eroffnung eines permanenten Ausstellungsraumes auf dem Gelande der Spinnerei in Leipzig ankundigen zu konnen.

Das Programm der neuen Leipziger Galerie wird aus vier Ausstellungen, sowohl Einzel- als auch kuratierten Gruppenausstellungen, im Jahr bestehen. Die Eroffnungsshow wird eine grosse Videoinstallation von Melanie Manchot prasentieren. Sie tragt den Titel Shaved und wurde auf der 52. Biennale di Venezia im New Forest Pavilion gezeigt.

FRED [Leipzig] ist in der Spinnerei Leipzig angesiedelt, einer fruheren Baumwollspinnerei von 6 ha Flache, die internationalen Ruhm als Heimat der Kunst der Neuen Leipziger Schule erlangt hat. Der Komplex besteht aus 20 schonend sanierten Gebauden, die eine grosse kreative Gemeinschaft von Designern, Kunstlern und Architekten beherbergt. FRED [Leipzig] reiht sich in die zahlreichen internationalen Galerien auf dem Gelande ein, wie Eigen + Art von Gerd Harry Lybke, Pierogi Brooklyn / Leipzig und Dogenhaus Galerie.

Im Rahmen der Festlichkeiten anlasslich der Neueroffnung von FRED [Leipzig] am 15. September 2007 wird am Nachmittag Pauline Taylor, eine Kunstlerin von FRED [Label], auftreten.

FRED [London] is also delighted to announce the opening of Susanne Kuhn's solo exhibition at Kunstverein Freiburg from September 14th to November 11th, 2007.

For more information please contact FRED [London]
info@fred-london.com / rosie@fred-london.com, +44 (0) 20 8981 2987

Received on September 6, 2007:

] press release [

'Backgrounds' at Wannajob, Athens

Our city backgrounds as seen by two young visual artists

Artists Farida El Gazzar (Egypt, 1975) and Yiannis Hadjiaslanis (Greece, 1974) take the contemporary urban city landscape of Athens as a starting point of their work and present the exhibition 'Backgrounds' at Wannajob, Athens. The exhibition is on view from September 9 to November 18, 2007.

According the exhibition curator Marieke van Hal both the young artists observe the city of Athens where they currently live and work with the eyes of foreigners, perceiving the capital from a distant position, semi-detached. The paintings and photographs in this duo-exhibition expose and examine architectural locations in the city as well as its immediate outskirts. With their recent work both artists can be contextualized as second-generation disciples of the Becher-Schule. The urban structures and industrial look of the city have shaped the artists' toolbox and formulated their artistic habitat.

In Backgrounds, El Gazzar and Hadjiaslanis have recorded the city without their inhabitants. Athens is reduced to its bone structure, its architectural essence and formation, its only grid. The artists ask the viewer to examine with them the aesthetic of ordinary city aspects. A subtlety of color use, the quiet and melancholy expressed in their works evoke an inner-city atmosphere as it can be experienced in the early mornings and the evenings of Athens. Deprived from human presence, these are our city backgrounds.


Yiannis Hadjiaslanis (Greece, 1974) is an artist/photographer. He studied at Boston University (US), Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London) and graduated (MA Image and Communication/photography) at Goldsmiths College, in London. He has exhibited his work in Athens, London and the US. He lives and works in Athens.

Farida El Gazzar (Egypt, 1975) is a painter/illustrator. After her graduation at the Royal College of Art in London (2000), Kingston University (1998), Vakalo School of Art & Design (1996) she participated in several exhibitions in the UK and Greece. She works and lives in Athens.

Marieke van Hal (Netherlands, 1971) is a curator and PhD candidate at the Curatorial Department of the Royal College of Art in London, UK. She was director of the 1st Athens Biennial, 2007. She lives and works in London and Athens.


Exhibit duration:
September 9 - November 18, 2007

Exhibit opening:
September 9, 1600 hrs onwards

Wannajob, 44 Konstantinoupoleos Street, Gazi, Athens
(two minutes walk from Technopolis/Gazi, the main venue of the 1st Athens Biennial)

Visiting hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 16:00 - 21:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00
Sunday-Monday: closed

T. +30-6977-301524, 6945-551362
e-mail: info@wannajob.gr


] curator's note [

'Backgrounds' at Wannajob, Athens

New works by Farida El Gazzar + Yiannis Hadjiaslanis

by Marieke van Hal *

Athens, city of cement. In the exhibition Backgrounds both Farida El Gazzar (Egypt, 1975) and Yiannis Hadjiaslanis (Greece, 1974) take the contemporary urban city landscape of Athens as a starting point of their work. Having returned from their studies in the US and UK, both young artists observe the city of Athens where they currently live and work with the eyes of foreigners, perceiving the capital from a distant position, semi-detached. The paintings and photographs in this duo-exhibition expose and examine architectural locations in the city as well as its immediate outskirts. The urban structures and industrial look of the city have shaped the artists' toolbox and formulated their artistic habitat.

Despite the omnipresence of the Parthenon in the vast metropolis, a proof of glory of ancient Greek architectural times, contemporary Athens is mainly identified by polykatoikia, hasty built and cheap concrete housing blocks, an extreme density of ugly modernist constructions as well as an overdose of grey and lack of urban planning, greenery and public space. Probably Athens is the only place in Greece where the sky can be dirty white instead of Hellenic blue, the color so characteristic for the nation mainly defined by the sea. The artists Hadjiaslanis and El Gazzar utilize the city for their best and operate in it as if it is their open-air studio. With paint and camera they turn the city's egalitarian outlook into a depiction of beauty and aesthetic of its own, one of abstraction, minimalistic forms and monotones.

Being in Athens for almost a year, it was difficult to find contemporary artists reflecting a social-analytical approach to their immediate surroundings. Many artists of the current Greek generation express a certain introspective, neo-gothic or anarchist style, either or not combined with a longing for the big, the west and the sensational, somehow characteristic for the Athenian contemporary art scene and maybe city style of today. The works of Hadjiaslanis and El Gazzar are a welcoming exception in this perspective. In Backgrounds Athens is shown in its most pure and fundamental core, nothing more nothing less. The artists have recorded the city without their inhabitants. Athens is reduced to its bone structure, its architectural essence and formation, its only grid.

With their most recent works retaining a documentary method both Hadjiaslanis and El Gazzar can be contextualized as second-generation disciples of the Becher-Schule, remembering us artists such as Thomas Ruff, Thomas Struth, Axel Hutte and Candida Hofer, experts in visualizing the socio-psychology of architecture and urbanity. With their meticulously composed images both artists ask the viewer to examine with them the aesthetic of ordinary city aspects such as antennas, air conditioners and satellites. A subtlety of color use, the quiet and melancholy expressed in their works evoke an inner-city atmosphere as it can be experienced in the early mornings and the evenings of Athens. Derived from human presence, these are our city backgrounds.

Received on September 6, 2007:


September 6 - October 27, 2007

529 West 20th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011
T 212 627 0006
Tues-Fri 12noon - 6 pm . Sat 10:30am - 4pm


Hasted Hunt will open the fall 2007 season three separate exhibitions, selections of black and white photographs by LISETTE MODEL, AARON SISKIND, and GERALD SLOTA. The exhibitions will run from September 6th to October 27th with a reception on Thursday, Sept 20th from 6 to 8 PM.

The gallery will show "A Portfolio of 12 Photographs by LISETTE MODEL", including her most iconic 1940's images "Coney Island Bather", the lounging Riviera gamblers and "Window Reflections, Fifth Ave". The late dealer Harry Lunn published the set in 1976, with the printing done by Gerd Sander (of the legendary August Sander family). These images are well known and widely disseminated, but it is extremely rare that an intact portfolio with the original case has survived to be exhibited. Model (1906 - 1983) is remembered as an artist and teacher. Aperture has republished its' classic 1979 monograph and will be exhibiting "Model and Her Successors" concurrently with the Hasted Hunt show.

Hasted Hunt will also present a unique and never before exhibited set of 6 vintage prints from AARON SISKIND's original 1956 "Pleasure and Terrors of Levitation". Siskind (1903-1991) was a legendary photographer and teacher who made (and kept) for himself this special group of vintage photographs, printed at 17 x 14 inches, larger than most of his other works. Initially these seem to be Rorschach inkblots, dense black on white, but on close examination the subject is revealed as a young man soaring, lighter than air, splayed against a perfect white sky. These are quintessential Abstract Expressionism in photography.

GERALD SLOTA (born 1965) is a contemporary artist represented with a new series, "Found". These are unique works, images based on unattributed snapshot negatives that have been "reconsidered", scratched and drawn on, then printed on 8 x 10 inch paper, like pages from an American surrealist scrapbook. The works are Jungian with dreamlike and enigmatic scenes further fueled by social critique, contemporary yet with references to early video (Brakhage) and post-war painting (Kline/Rauschenberg). Originally commissioned for the Prague House of Photography, "Found" comes to New York just after its' US debut at the George Eastman House. Curator Alison Nordstrom writes in the catalogue of Slota "combining the jetsam of our times with the passionate and intuitive mark and gestures of his hand".

Received on September 5, 2007:

From Emperor to Military Dictator:

Shemelis Desta's Ethiopian Archive 1963-1982

Exhibition dates:
13 September - 11 November 2007
Press View: 12 September 2007
Location: 5 Great Newport Street

5 & 8 Great Newport Street
London WC2H 7HY
Call: +44 (0)20 7831 1772

Open: Mon - Sat 11.00 - 18.00
Thurs 11.00 - 20.00
& Sun 12.00 - 18.00

This exhibition will present a selection of images from the substantial photographic archive of the Ethiopian court photographer, Shemelis Desta. These works, in colour and black & white, document the period of Ethiopian political history that included both the past rule of Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia (1930 - 74) and the military-led government of the 70s and 80s. As Desta's first major exhibition in a gallery space, this archive offers a unique insight into a secretive and tumultuous period in recent Ethiopian political history.

Throughout the world during the early 20th century societies were embracing photography as a new invention. Ethiopia too embraced the attraction of the camera, but there were very few who actually had access to and permission to use a camera. However, even with this strict limitation Ethiopia quickly became a country that now holds comprehensive visual record of court and political life of the past century. Within this tradition Shemelis Desta (b. 1937) discovered photography as a teenager and embarked on a 40-year career. Largely self-taught, he gleaned tips from visiting Western photographers and learnt how to process film by American missionaries. At the start of his career he worked for the Ethiopian Tourist Board until the 1960s when he was taken on as the official court photographer for Emperor Haille Selassie I. Following the infamous 1974 military coup and subsequent deposition of the Emperor, Desta continued to record government activity under the rule of the military dictator, Mengistu Haile Mariam.

Desta's photographs employ the necessary formality appropriate for portraits of leading international leaders of the 20th Century but also, and as a more personal choice, guided by his own creativity, of casual informal shots of events and observations. Throughout his career he continuously used two cameras including a small Rolleiflex camera and, when necessary, a zoom lens. For both professional and personal work Desta was awarded prizes and presented many exhibitions, notably during 1977 in Europe (Moscow, Rome and Madrid) and again in London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Sheffield between 1985 and 1991. During his time as ¡official' photographer, for eight years during military rule, he faithfully hid his negatives of previous and current work. Escaping to the UK in 1982 he ensured his unique historical archive, of approximately 7,000 images was spared destruction and sent to him, through a special arrangement, after his own safe arrival in the UK.

This exhibition not only celebrates the power of the documentary photograph and the discovery of such a monumental archive, but also the story of a very personal journey and a country that is rich in culture, tradition and history. Curated by Indra Khanna and David A Bailey of Autograph ABP this exhibition coincides with the Ethiopian calendar's millennium celebrations on 11 September 2007.

Received on September 4, 2007:

Matthew Pillsbury


12th - 29th September 2007

3 Jubilee Place, London SW3 3TD
Tel: +44 (0)20 7352 3649
Fax: +44 (0)20 7352 3669
Tues-Fri 12noon - 6 pm . Sat 10:30am - 4pm


Photographs by Matthew Pillsbury sponsored by Brahm.

Further to his photographs of the unseen world of the iconic museums and attractions in New York, we are delighted to announce the second UK exhibition of work by Matthew Pillsbury - LONDON.

Freezing the passage of time is the camera's most conventional trick. American artist, Matthew Pillsbury, takes this further and his photographs capture the experience of time, both physically and psychologically. Utilizing his definitive style of natural light and long exposure these new images capture the human traffic through the extraordinary and unseen spaces of London's business and cultural institutions and private rooms. The figures are absorbed in and illuminated by, backlit displays and incidental lighting. Transitory and shadow-like as they pass against the permanence of the surroundings; the diverse environment and architecture of London.

Born and raised in France, Matthew Pillsbury has studied at both Yale University in 1995 and New York's School of Visual Arts. Pillsbury's work has been widely exhibited throughout the US and Europe and is held in several collections including the Whitney, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Guggenheim, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Art in Houston, the San Francisco MOMA and Elton John's Photography collection in Atlanta. In 2005, PDN voted him one of the top 30 emerging artists and he won the 2007 HSBC award for photography.

LONDON, photographs by Matthew Pillsbury is sponsored by and was initiated by Brahm www.brahmproperty.com

Received on September 4, 2007:

vamiali's gallery presents 

LA artist Ruby Osorio
"Upon This Waking Edge..."

Opening: Friday 7 September from 20.00

7 September - 27 October 2007
Thuesday - Friday 14.00 - 20.00 Saturday 12.00 - 17.00
The artist will be present at the opening

Samou 1 Platia Karaiskaki, Athens 10438, 
metro: Metaxourgio (Diligianni exit)
T-F +30 210 5228968

vamiali's @ Remap[KM]
"Life to the full"
Group Mel-air, Mohammed Hamdi, Melanie Hill, Liz Kang, Robert Nixon, Dimitra Vamiali

Opening: Saturday 8 September 2007 from 12.00 to midnight

8 September - 24 November 2007 
Open 24 Hours 

Leonidou 36, Metaxourgio, Athens 10435,
metro: Meraxourgio (Achileos exit) 
T-F +30 210 5228968 

Off site group exhibition
"Late night fiction"
Sam Herbert, Dani Jakob, Janice Kerbel, Karen Kilimnik, Dimitra Vamiali, Richard Woods  
among other artists that will be announced shortly

Opening: Thursday 13 September 2007 from 20.00

13 September - 3 November 2007
Thursday - Saturday 15.00 - 22.00  

Agisilaou 61A, Keramikos, Athens 10435 (next to NIXON bar)
T-F +30 210 5228968

Samou 1 Athens 10438 Greece (Hellas)
m Metaxourgio (Diligianni exit)
T-F + 30 210 5228968

Received on September 4, 2007:


at AD Gallery

On Thursday the 6th of September 2007 will be the opening of the exhibition of drawings by Steve Gianakos at AD Gallery.

Steve Gianakos began to exhibit his work inNew Yorksince 1966, during the climax of Pop Art. He has won many prizes and grants among which the Guggenheim in 1996.Recently the museum of modern art N.Y. acquired some of his drawings.Until this day, he has had 27 solo shows in the U.S.A.and Europe and he has participated in numerousgroup shows together with other great American artists.

Steve Gianakosconstructs attractive and alluring images, whose narration refers to the decades of "innocence" of the 60's and 70's. An era of prolonged youth, which made people dream -even naively-, offering a new cultural identity. The artist creates characters that "shamelessly" devote themselves to a provocative erotic game, in which, however, real violence is absent; characters that will mature with no consequences and without losing their childishness.

The choice of form is usually made with a sense of humor and the narrative action is direct and obvious, because what he is interested in is the state of mind. He wants all the stages of creation of his work as well as the relation to his previous work to be visible and this is why he treats his paintings as ready-made material, he isolates the elements that interest him and he recomposes them with the method of collage and assemblage.

Even his own portrait or historical and recognizable figures like Hitler, little Lulu, or Jesus Christ, are freed from their meaning and are used as building materials for a painting of appropriation.

This exhibition, which is his fourth solo exhibition in Greece, consists of a series of black-and-white drawings on paper.

Duration untilthe 20th of October 2007.


We are pleased to inform you that Stefanos TSIVOPOULOS is among the featured artists of the 1st edition of Athens Biennial entitled Destroy Athens, taking place in Technopolis, Athens, from September 9th until November 18th 2007.


AD gallery
3, pallados str. 105 54 athens GR
tel: +30 210 322 87 85
fax +30 210 322 87 85
e-mail: adgallery@otenet.gr

Received on September 3, 2007:







3-23 SEPTEMBER 2007

She worked for 16 years as a teacher of Mathematics and Environmental Studies (in public High Schools of Greece and Germany) and also as a teacher and organizer of theater and painting studies in High Schools. Also a digital painter for educational CD ROM's. Participation on exhibitions and artistic competitions (1970 - 1974 and 1996 - 2007, painting, caricature, jewels).
Also participation in the 1st International internet Competition of Digitalized Film - Video Micropolis net.Odyssey (2006) and the 3rd Athens Video Art Festival (2007) with digital animation work "The Journey of Representation".
Five personal exhibitions. Paintings, digital work, constructionand sculpture of her are in private collections in Greece and abroad.

Received on September 3, 2007:



September 6 - 29, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 6 - 8 P.M.

7A Grafton Street, London W1S 4EJ
Tel +44(0)7804.274239
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm and by appointment


Monika Spruth and Philomene Magers are pleased to announce an exhibition of Argentinian-born artist David Lamelas. With both Lamelas' seminal film installation "Film Script (Manipulation of Meaning)" (1972) and the photo series "London Friends" from the following year, the show focuses on two works the artist realized during his residency in London from 1968 to 1977.

David Lamelas is one of the pioneers of Conceptual Art and the related practice of institutional critique which developed during the 1960s and 1970s. Born in Buenos Aires in 1946, he emerged in the early sixties with an arsenal of artistic strategies and a clarity of concept that at the time had not previously been formulated within any cultural context in Europe and the United States.

Characteristically, his use of different media is wide ranging, and has included sculpture, site specific installation and performance, as well as drawings, photographs and film, the latter of which he is perhaps most known for. What unifies this wide range of medium is the artist's focus on the transmission of "information": the conditions for the production of art and its perception, the notion of "time" and "space", the role of the viewer, and perhaps more crucially the generation and manipulation of meaning in contemporary mass media.

In 1968, the year he represented Argentina at the Venice Biennial, Lamelas also moved to London where he studied sculpture at St. Martin's School of Art and stayed until 1977. It was during this time that Lamelas created his seminal installation work "Film Script (Manipulation of Meaning)", consisting of the simultaneous projection of one film and three slide sequences. The first presentation of the work was held at Nigel Greenwood's gallery in 1972. Filmed within the gallery itself with Greenwood's assistant Lynda Morris playing the leading role, the plot and location of this film was intriguingly self-referential. The film projects a running accumulation of scenes that may just as well be documentary as fictional. The first slide projector shows the action in a sequence of stills; the second shows two of the pivotal sequences of the film in a different order; while the third cuts out key moments of the action. Thus Lamelas varies the ways in which action is being manipulated, which in turn affects narrative development and influences its reception.

In the second work on display, "London Friends", 1973, Lamelas explores the narrow space between fiction and reality. Having invited a number of friends to a photo-session in a studio to have their pictures taken by a professional fashion photographer, Lamelas found that his subjects naturally took on glamorous poses embodying an image of fictionalized portraits of famous personalities. The resulting images, being simultaneously personal portraits and "fashion" photography, become a striking portrayal of the London scene at the time.

David Lamelas lives and works in Buenos Aires and Los Angeles.
Recent solo exhibition of Lamelas' work have been held at the Secession, Vienna; Museo Tamayo, Mexico City; and Neue Kunsthalle St. Gallen. Lamelas' work 'The Violent Tapes of 1975' is currently on view in "Panic Attack", the Barbican's survey on art in the punk years.

Received on September 3, 2007:



Si inaugura sabato 08 SETTEMBRE alle ore 21,00 la mostra d'arte contemporanea I PORTALI ALCHEMICI, personale di SONIA GIAVITTO, a cura di Dores Sacquegna.

Con I Portali Alchemici di Sonia Giavitto, entriamo in una dimensione inusuale dell'arte contemporanea, una zona di confine intrisa di rito, spiritualita, allegoria, conoscenza, energia, temporalita...
Una produzione di sculture e bassorilievi (portali) realizzati in terracotta policroma, con l'inserimento di altri materiali come l'acciaio,la ghisa, il legno, il cristallo, che si connotano come simboli, inclini ad evidenziare una profonda riflessione sull'uomo e sul suo destino, sulla natura del mondo e sul senso di realta nella quale siamo immersi.
Il contatto con il mistero, quale necessita che parte dalla dignita dell'uomo, dal suo bisogno spirituale che va oltre l'esistenza terrena, spinge l'artista a rivolgere la sua attenzione su alcune opere ad apparati simbolici, quali strumenti educativi per l'armonia del se e del mondo. Una grande opera ha sempre un che di spiritualita e di mistero che porta alla rinascita delle forze spirituali.
Con le opere di Sonia Giavitto, si compie un viaggio nello spazio dilatato, nella sospensione del Tempo, dove l'elemento naturale incontra l'uomo o meglio...i segni del suo passaggio..."

In mostra sculture in terracotta policroma, installazioni e video.

Nasce a Roma, vive ed opera a Tarquinia (Viterbo).
Dopo aver frequentato il Liceo Artistico di via Ripetta negli anni di presidenza di Luigi Montanarini e allieva di Mario Cimara e Nino Cordio, si iscrive all'Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma dove segue il corso di Sante Monachesi ed il corso di incisione con Lino Banchi Barriviera. Quindi si iscrive alla facolta di Architettura con insegnanti del calibro di Quaroni, Perugini e Filiberto Menna. Ma l'esperienza didattica con un grande incisore come Banchi Barriviera si rivela fondamentale per la definitiva individuazione dell'artista di un suo tratto deciso e distintivo, che ella estrinseca attraverso un significativo numero di opere pittoriche, eseguite su vari supporti (tela, cartone, legno). Parallelamente a quello pittorico (oltre al lavoro ed alla collaborazione con vari studi di architettura) consolida il suo linguaggio scultoreo, attraverso un primo nucleo di opere che velocemente si liberano dai retaggi occidentali piu classici per proiettarsi verso una consapevolezza informale nuova, non scevra dal fascino che il mondo e la spiritualita orientale esercitano sull'artista, autentica ricercatrice della materia e dello spirito. Una lunga ed esclusiva collaborazione con l'associazione italiana di Sahaja Yoga le ha permesso di esprimere la propria creativita nel campo della scenografia e dei costumi negli eventi teatrali organizzati dalla stessa, dove ha potuto intessere numerose collaborazioni con artisti di livello internazionale. Molte sue opere sono presenti presso collezionisti privati in Italia e all'estero. Nell'agosto del 2000 l'Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Fermo ha promosso una sua mostra intitolata: "Percorsi di Scultura" nella sala della Colonna. Sempre nelle Marche per il comune di Montegranaro (AP) ha eseguito un monumento civico dedicato alla figura di Giordano Bruno (http://www.giordanobruno.info/nolano/eventi2.htm) ed attualmente, per lo stesso comune, sta lavorando ad un gruppo di 5 grandi altorilievi e ad una stele commemorativa. L'artista ha terminato recentemente una Video Art Performance sui "Portali Alchemici", che e stata esposta per la prima volta nell'Auditorium di Montegranaro ed in seguito in altri teatri ed universita italiani.
Del suo lavoro si sono interessati i critici: Luciano Marziano, Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, Margherita Ciampaglia, Dores Sacquegna.

CATALOGO IN MOSTRA con testi di Dores Sacquegna
Informazioni: La mostra e aperta sino al 25 settembre dal lunedi al sabato, dalle ore 17,00 alle 20,00, mattina su appuntamento.

Primo Piano Livingallery
Viale G. Marconi 4 Lecce
Tel/fax: 0832/30401

Received on September 2, 2007:

1st Athens Biennial 2007: Parallel Events

1st Athens Biennial 2007

A number of significant exhibitions and events take place in the city of Athens, during the 1st Athens Biennial 2007. Some are in close collaboration with the Athens Biennial, while others are mentioned as suggestions.


8th September - 24th November 2007

Remap KM is a project running parallel to the 1st Athens Biennial 2007 Destroy Athens, taking place at the Kerameikos/Metaxourgeio (KM) district, in downtown Athens.

Remap KM hosts the 1st Athens Biennial 2007 Destroy Athens - Appendix, including the exhibitions How to Endure and Young Athenians, as well as the two-day Destructive Sound Events, a part of Destroy Athens - Live.

Also hosted at Remap KM are project spaces by numerous galleries, including AD Gallery | Blow de la Barra | The Breeder | Rebecca Camhi Gallery | Eleni Koroneou Gallery| Loraini Alimantiri - gazonrouge| IBID Projects| Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre | Johann Konig | Andreas Melas Presents | Nice & Fit | Peres Projects | Rodeo Gallery| Spencer Brownstone| Vamiali's | Xippas Gallery

Remap KM also includes an open screening area, shared by the Athens Biennial, independent curators and the participant galleries. In addition, Remap KM hosts independent projects by Doxiadis + and Liliana Sanguino, as well as the parallel projects Karaoke Poetry Bar and Where is the Art?

Creative direction & project coordination: Chloe Vaitsou


5th September 2007 - 29th March 2008

Curator: Jeffrey Deitch
Curatorial Advisor: Massimiliano Gioni
Exhibition design: Jeffrey Deitch, Massimiliano Gioni, and Dakis Joannou
Project coordinator: Nadja Argyropoulou

Artists: Pawel Althamer,  David Altmejd, Janine Antoni, assume vivid astro focus, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ashley Bickerton, John Bock, Maurizio Cattelan, Paul Chan, Dan Colen,  George Condo, Nigel Cooke, Roberto Cuoghi, Folkert De Jong, Nathalie Djurberg, Ánastasia Douka, Haris Epaminonda, Urs Fischer, Barnaby Furnas, Robert Gober, Matt Greene, Tim Hawkinson, Ádam Helms, Elliott Hundley, Chris Johanson, Martin Kippenberger, Terence Koh, Jeff Koons, Nate Lowman, Mark Manders, Paul McCarthy, Takeshi Murata, Wangechi Mutu, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Cady Noland, Chris Ofili, Poka-Yio, Richard Prince, Georgia Sagri, Aurel Schmidt, Gregor Schneider, Tino Sehgal, Dana Schutz,  Kiki Smith, Christiana Soulou, Francine Spiegel, Andro Wekua, Ralf Ziervogel

DESTE Foundation Center for Contemporary Art
11, Filellinon & Em. Pappa Streets, Nea Ionia


4th June - 29th September 2007

Curator: Marina Fokidis

Artists: Adel Abdessemed, Doug Aitken, Darren Almond, Paul Chan, Bruce Nauman, Seth Price, Marina Yioti, Stephanos Tsivopoulos, Victor Alimpiev, Cory Arcangel, Paolo  Canevari, Douglas Gordon, Rodney Graham, Gary Hill, Isaac Julien, Peter Land, Annika Larsson, Aernout Mik, Toni Oursler, Oliver Pietsch, Anri Sala, Zineb Sedira, The Atlas Group (Walid Raad), Charis Epaminonda, Lina Theodorou, Deanna Magganias, Miltos Manetas, Angelo Plessas, Yorgos Sapountzis

Museum of Cycladic Art
Stathatos Megaron, 1, Irodotou Street & Vassilissis Sofias Avenue

3 Temporary Soundscapes by Zafos Xagoraris

Artistic direction: Claudia Zanfi

8th September 2007: Installation at the Antrepo Area, during the opening of the 10th Instanbul Biennial
10th September 2007: Installation at Piraeus Harbour, during the public opening of the 1st Athens Biennial
14th September 2007: Installation at Bristol Docks, during the opening of Port - City

GOING PUBLIC Special Edition for PORT-CITY, a project by MAST [Museo di Arte Sociale e Territoriale] in collaboration with Arnolfini Art Center, Bristol


7th September - 2nd October 2007

Project coordination: Locus Athens

Artists: Nikos Alexiou, Carolina Caycedo, Mario Garcia Torres, Ian Kiaer, Aleksandra Mir, Olaf Nicolai, Christodoulos Panayiotou

Megaron OLP
10, Akti Miaouli, Piraeus


8th September 2007 - 6th October 2007

Curator:  Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel

Artists: Aagard Hilde, Alavanou Loukia, Apostolakis Christos, Baboulis Dimitris, Bardi Antonia, Bassanos Kostas, Beveratos Costas, Christidi Katerina, Christofilogiannis Dionysis, Dimitropoulou Martha, Franzen Frank, Foutris Dimitris, Giannakis Theodoros, Hjerl Sophie, Ikonomopoulou Maria, Ioannou Dimitris, Katsouri Kali, Kolbaek Marie, Kotsoni Eleni, Lau Lasse, Lind Peter, Mantzios Nikos, Michalakakou Marw, Mitala Eva, Moris Petros, Nalbantidou Lia, Nikolakopoulos Pavlos, Nikolaou Kosmas, Ntokatsis Dimitris, Palaska Aliki, Papamichali Teresa, Patsourakis Eftixis, Pittas Antonis, Plessas Angelo, Taxiarchopoulos Yiorgos, Theodorides Phillipos, Theodoropoulos Yiannis, Tsoumblekas Dimitris, Vamiali Dimitra, Veneri Eriphyli, Zacharias Michalis, Zervou Maria

EMERGENCY ROOM is an open art format in constant movement and daily change at 12:30pm

Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center
48, Armatolon & Klefton Street, Ambelokipoi

Open Studios in downtown Athens

12th - 23rd September 2007 

Concept: Sarah Ettlinger, Toby Short
Project co-organisers: Katerina Athanasiou, Sarah Ettlinger, Toby Short

Artists: Agopian Eozen, Athanasiou Katerina, Anastasopoulou Vanessa, Visviropoulou Konstantina, Gazis Dimitri, Demis Konstantinos, Vasos Alexander, Dimitriou Giorgos, Ettlinger Sarah, Zerdevas Apostolos, Theodore Chrysikos, Commonplay, ÊÊ Comic, Kaludi Irini, Karamouzis Michalis, Karidi Georgia, Cassaveti Angel, Cassaveti Katerina, Kollaros Alexandra, Kotsovoulos, Koutroulis Yiannis, Lakides Antonis, Leventi Loula, Liambeys Leonidas, Lillian Lykiardopoulou, Loukakou Penny, Marengo Valentino, Marouda Dimitra, Mavridis Giorgos, Méndora, Michalopoulos Aris, Bicknell John, Bouzas Vassilis, Othonaiou Alexia, Panagopoulou Domna, Papadaki Stavroula, Papamichali Tereza, Pita Kiki, Sitorengo Andreas, Skarvelis Yota, Short Toby, Sortiropoulou Tzina, Tselo Anesti, Tzimou Olga, Tiligadis Kostantinos, Trismpiotis Giannis, Filippidis Alexandros

Launch Event on 11th September, 20.30
"417" Club, 53, Kerameikou Street
Event hosted by RemapKM


12th November - 18th November 2007

Project coordinator: Intothepill.net

Visual artists: Alexis Avranas, Vaggelis Artemis, Dimitris Christidis, Alexandros Georgiou,  Nikos Giavropoulos, Yiannis Grigoriadis, Giorgos Gyparakis, George Drivas, Makis Faros, Eleni Froudaraki, Yiannis Isidorou+Yiannis Stankoglou, Kostas Ioannidis, Katerina Kana, Georgia Kotretsos, Yiannis Koufopoulos, Tasos Laggis, Viki Mpetsou, Ioanna Myrka, Leia Petrou, Yiannis Savvidis, Yorgos Sapountzis, Thanos Stathopoulos, Athina Stamati, Vasileia Stylianidou+ Chrysa Tsabazi, Yiannis Theodoropoulos, Lina Theodorou, Panagiota Tzamourani, Takis Zerdevas   

Poets: Vasilis Amanatidis, Dimitris Allos, Yiannis Antiochou, Giorgos Chantzis, Dimitris Eleutherakis, Foivi Giannisi, Katerina Iliopoulou, Vaggelis Intzidis, Doukas Kapantais, Dimitra Kotoula, Patricia Kolaiti, Dimitris Leontzakos, Giorgos Lillis, Iana Mpoukova, Stamatis Polenakis, Efi Pirpasou, Vasilis Rouvalis, Yiannis Stingas, Maria Topali

"417" Club, 53 Kerameikou Street, Metaxourgeio
Project hosted by RemapKM

Received on September 2, 2007:

Eileen Botsford will be showing work at

Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art

Eileen Botsford, New Media Public Artist and Creative Director of EBnefsi Design, will be showing work at:

Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Public Screening - 'Heterotopias' September 2007

"Does contemporary art presuppose particular codes of communication and access? Does it constitute an heterotopia which is limited to the restricted space of museums and galleries?"

Screening will take place between 17th and 30th of September in the following venues and times:

1. "Macedonia" State Airport of Thessaloniki
* 4 screens- 2 in the arrivas hall, 2 in the departures hall
* 24 hours a day

2. Thessaloniki Port, Warehouse A, by the Photography Museum of Thessaloniki
* 1 screen
* daily 9- 12:30 p.m.

3. Kodra Action Field,Municipality of Kalamaria
* 1 screen
* A few days between September 1st and 16th, not stated yet. v4. KTEL Thessaloniki's and Aristotelous Place
* dates and timetable will be soon stated.

More at: http://www.thessalonikibiennale.gr/actdetail.php?prg_id=14&ptype=2&lang=2#

Received on September 1, 2007:

Dean Monogenis & Lydia Venieri

Solo exhibitions at Stefan Stux Gallery

Please join us for the opening 

Dean Monogenis
Lydia Venieri

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 6, 2007, 6-8 pm
September 6 - October 13, 2007  

Dean Monogenis - High Rise Vista: New Paintings

Stux Gallery presents High Rise Vista: New Paintings by New York artist Dean Monogenis, on view through October 13, 2007. For his second exhibition at the Stux Gallery, Monogenis continues to explore the transient nature of the urban architectural landscape. 

Inspired, in part, by the onslaught of architectural redevelopment in local urban neighborhoods such as Brooklyn's Williamsburg and Manhattan's Lower East Side, Monogenis' paintings highlight the temporality of such development by presenting an amalgam of disparate architectural elements, such as blighted housing projects and inhospitable condominiums. This juxtaposition serves to connect the old with the new, creating a timeless architectural vista, free from the constraints of urban planning and the fluctuations of market value. 

The paintings on view employ the visual language of construction and restoration, scaffolding, safety netting and bold coloring (garish oranges and institutional blues) as reminders of the cyclical nature of architectural usage. Exactingly rendered brushstrokes draw attention to detailed elements that only hint to the presence of human inhabitants. In these paintings, humans take a secondary role to the structures that they inhabit. Accordingly, it is these structures that act to define the way that people live, the places that they travel, and the patterns of activity that they follow in daily life. 

In the North Gallery, facing the windows on 25th Street, Monogenis will present a sculptural installation intended to question the definitive structure of the Gallery itself.  Through the use of a specific painting schema, and a sculpturally constructed geodesic dome, the artist considers the permanence and impermanence of the Gallery space.   

Dean Monogenis has studied at Skidmore College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He currently resides and works in Brooklyn, New York. Monogenis recently exhibited at the Walter Macial Gallery in Los Angeles. In New York, he has exhibited at the Riva Gallery, Annina Nosei Gallery, Elga Wimmer Gallery, Jack Pelican Presents, Brooklyn, Priska C. Juschka Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY, and Antonio Battaglia Arte Contemporanea in Milan, Italy.

For further information please contact: Joshua@stuxgallery.com

South Gallery - Lydia Venieri - War Games

Stux Galleryis pleased to present the work of Lydia Venieri in her first Stux solo exhibition. Lydia's new digital photographic-works on silk question the way that images of war and terror are used by the media to distort reality. 

Venieri's images explore the juxtaposition of hyper-realistic photographs of war taken from film-stills and the news media with seemingly naive images of children's dolls. Positioned, digitally, to fit within the eyes of children's dolls, the works disarm viewers at first glance, while delivering a potent punch of terror upon further inspection. The serene dolls volunteer themselves to our gaze, beckoning the viewer to approach in an unguarded and vulnerable state.

Images of genocide, suicide bombings, and the devastation caused by the allied bombing of Nagasaki are literally pulled from the headlines of CNN and Fox news. Captured inside the reflections of the haunting gaze of these empty vessels, they create a mysterious relationship between two conspicuously diverse visual worlds.  

This bold work opens up the possibilities of technology in a way that echoes both modern genetic science and the uncanny effects of the Surrealists. Continuing her search for the human embodiment of social issues within the constructs of a deceivingly simple vehicle, this series offers an in-depth look at human perception and the dissemination of images and information. 

Lydia Venieri was born in Athens, Greece and studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and lives in New York City. Having won the Academie Francaise de Paris Medal for Sculpture, she has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions at such venues as the Centre George Pompidou in Paris, The Athens 2004 Olympics, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Dordrecht, Netherlands and the National Gallery of Greece.

For further information please contact: Joshua@stuxgallery.com


Thursday, September 6 - Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tuesday-Saturday; 10am - 6pm

530 West 25th Street, New York 10001
T: 212.352.1600
F: 212.352.0302
W: www.stuxgallery.com

Received on September 1, 2007:

ReMap KM

a Contemporary Arts Program

You are invited to the opening of

ReMap KM, a Contemporary Arts Program (www.remapkm.com)

8 - 9 - 10 September 2007, 12pm - 12am
in the Kerameikos / Metaxourgeio district of Athens

Program duration: 8.9.2007 - 24.11.2007

ReMap KM is a contemporary arts project running parallel to the 1st Athens Biennial, taking place from September 8 - November 24, 2007 at the Kerameikos/Metaxourgeio downtown district of Athens. It aims to give an additional strand to the context of the 1st Athens Biennial, titled Destroy Athens, by engaging with a particular area of Athens & redefining the utilization of public & private sites. Through ephemeral art interventions, platforms and installations, the intention is to open up different possibilities for linking the tangible world of buildings, streets & urban landscapes with contemporary art practices, social networks & modes of communication.


Athens Biennial
WWF Greece

AD Gallery (GR), Blow de la Barra (UK), The Breeder (GR), Rebecca Camhi Gallery (GR),
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Creative direction & project coordination: Chloe Vaitsou

Received on August 31, 2007:



7.9 - 20.10.2007

A contemporary art exhibition that takes up the experience of anguish associated with "Trauma", in juxtaposition with the contrasting overtones of irony, humor and exaggeration which arise from the expression 'Drama Queen'.

'TRAUMA QUEEN' traces despair -be it real or an artifice- in connection to mental or physical pain resulting from loss, deformation, constrain, whether they be internal or external in origin. The aim is to have various kinds of social disability take form through art, as possible manifestations of a pathogenic present condition which can lead to literal disability. All this in immediate relation to the consciousness we construct of our personal disability, despair, fear and insecurity as experienced in everyday life.

Artists from the United Kingdom, USA, Austria, Cyprus, Iran, Ireland, Germany, Korea, Finland and Greece, expose their "traumas" and in the process of organizing the expression of personal negative experience they come to illuminate its reverse side of social prejudice and collective shortcoming as they stand today; most importantly, their creative work contributes perspectives of human resilience in the face of distress.

26 artists from different cultural backgrounds will be exhibiting their work: The variety of artistic media that include sculpture, painting, video, performance, photography and installations, along with the artists' diverse ideological approaches offer a finger-on-the-pulse view of the contemporary scene.

We believe that these works which deal with trauma could reflect the possibility for a dialogue beyond frontiers; a dialogue that pertains to the deciphering of human identities in today's world without overlooking the darker side of pain which also constitutes a universal in human experience.

Ultimately, it seems that artificial boundaries separating personal from collective experience and responsibility need to be undone and renegotiated for any substantial exchange through art.

September 7, 2007, at 20:30

Independent Exhibition Venue:
"Mediterranean" Hotel, 28 Veranzerou str., Athens

September 7 - October 20

Opening hours:
September 7-15,
daily 14:00 - 21:00
Sept 17 - Oct 20,
Thursday & Friday 16:00 - 21:00, Saturday 11:00-16:00

Free Entrance

Harris Kondosphyris (info@harriskondosphyris.com)
Zoi Pappa (zoipappa@yahoo.com)

Guest Curator
Christian Rupp (christian@cristian-rupp.com)

Nikolas Arvanitis | Martin Bruch | KyungRan Ban|
Alex Charrington | Yiannis Chiotopoulos |
FinnFemFel (Albert Braun, Marcus Lerviks, Oskar Lindstrom) |
Karin Frank | Bern Roche Farrelli | Dimitris Halatsis |
Ben Jeans Houghton | Richard Jochum | Harris Kondosphyris |
Manos Kornelakis | Dong Yeop Lee | Maria Lianou | Ioanna Mirka | Aphrodite Desiree Navab | Maria Nymfiadi | Zoi Pappa |
Lea Petrou | Richard Riggs | Christian Rupp | Ioanna Sahini |
Dagmar Streicher | Peter Wehinger | Alex Zika

Special Event
At 10.45 p.m. on the opening night, a performance will be presented by Dimitris Halatsis and the group LadyBurst (Pavlos Katsivelis, Elias Lavidas, Yannis Golfinopoulos, Anastasia Golemi [styling], Diana Vardaxi [make up]).

The exhibition space is kindly offered by BEFA S.A. Special thanks to Mr. Nikos Lazarou and Mrs. Aggeliki Lazarou.
Technical support (audio and video equipment): Compuvideo, Mr Yannis Malatantis.
Accommodation of artists sponsored by Art Hotel Athens.
Communication sponsored by Highlights magazine.

For info contact
+306938490897, +306974066236

---*fair-trade exhibition, non-profit

Received on August 21, 2007:


Atropa Vanitas

4/9 - 27/9/2007

Preview: Tuesday 4th September, 6-9pm

Cosmos of Culture
20 Metaxa str, Athens

Participating artists:
Evangelia Basdeki, Kostas Bassanos, Katerina Christidi, Dimitris Christidis, Martha Dimitropoulou, Aikaterini Gegisian, Maro Michalakakos, Nina Papaconstantinou, Nikos Papadimitriou, Yiannis Theodoropoulos.

The title of the show makes use of the first name of the plant Atropa Belladonna to combine it with Vanitas, the vanity of human nature.

The plant Atropa Belladonna or Deadly Nightshade has been widely used over the centuries as deadly poison, medicine, cosmetic as well as hallucinogenic drug. The name Belladonna originates from its use in the past by Italian women who used the extract of the plant in order to dilate their pupils and make their eyes more attractive. Apart from its use as poison and medicine in both modern and alternative medicine, it was also believed that the plant could cure lycanthropy and that even medieval witches used it in combination with other hallucinogenic substances. And as the folklore goes, it is only the devil that has the right to cultivate the plant, and kills whoever eats it.

Taking the plant and its uses as the starting metaphor, the artists participating in the show comment on the relationship between man and nature: the ways that humans take ownership of, use and intervene in nature in order to create, destroy and confirm their power and domination. Nature is seen as a field of antagonisms that creates winners and losers, as the idyllic scene of human dramas, as an image and an object or even a mirror and a reflection. From the romantic sunsets to the nostalgia for a paradise lost, from the burned down landscapes to the domination of the artificial over the natural, human vanity constantly redefines the notion of beauty in life, and alters nature, creating new landscapes of experience.

Received on July 21, 2007:



Far From Equilibrium,
or how I learned to stop worrying and love the chaos

September 12 -- October 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 6 - 8pm

Sara Tecchia Roma New York is proud to present FAR FROM EQUILIBRIUM, a solo exhibition that marks the New York debut of Germany-based, New York-born artist David Fried.

In our everyday life, the word "equilibrium" evokes a sense of functioning harmony or balance. Only a state that is far from equilibrium, however, fosters the self-reflection and reassessment necessary for creative growth, development and life as we know or guess it.

Such dynamic relationships operating "far from equilibrium" are the common ground for Fried's art. Weaned on Abstract Expressionism and improvisational music, his inspiration is found in all that is unpredictable. His exploration into the inherent qualities of networked systems intrinsic to nature and social endeavors are merged into highly symbolic works, which deconstruct simplistic views of a mechanical universe into interdependent systems more relevant to contemporary society.

His sculptural, photographic, and interactive works employ motifs that are universally recognizable as organic or pertaining to natural phenomena, yet appear influenced by man. He fuses minimalism and conceptual art with aesthetics and philosophy to create works that transcend art-isms and scientific dogmas of our socio-technological times.

His hand-crafted "SELF ORGANIZING STILL LIFE" objects consist of interactive, sound-activated spheres, which "dance" in real-time in response to ambient sound, visualizing the live acoustics in a spontaneous and elegantly fluid choreography before one's eyes. When sound is no longer detected, the spheres come to rest, playing still-life.

No two spheres are alike - each is composed of either solid stone or synthetic polymers layered with organic materials such as marble dust and rare earth. This infuses them with a unique ability to store energy and interact with each other in inimitable and unexpected ways, on an elemental level rather than a technological one. Fried is therefore able to give each sphere an individual personality, allowing them to respond differently to sound, as people would dance differently to the same tune. More fascinating than the motions of any one sphere are the dynamic relationships that unfold between them all.

With his series of color photograms titled "IN BED WITH LUCY AND DOLLY," Fried uses photo-sensitive film and flashes of light to capture the shadows of fleeting bubble formations - no camera or lens is used. What we see in his enlarged chromogenic prints are the latent shadows and spectral aberrations of these transparent forms. In varying chromatic tones, Fried depicts these studies of shadow and light in a manner that evokes a strong resemblance to primordial living cells as well as engineered test-tube creations.

The title refers to Lucy (the early hominid "Mother"), to us (the "Myth-makers"), and to Dolly the sheep (the first successful cloning of a live animal, or the man-made "Missing Link"), highlighting man's progression from merely controlling our existing environment, to engineering life-forms, to indulging in the inescapable urge to invent our predecessors. Fried reminds us of just how strong yet corruptible the architecture of life is, while taking us on a biomorphic journey from the Cambrian sea to the technological womb.

Fried's work can be found in the permanent collections of Volksbank HQ, Monchengladbach, Germany; Kunst Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch, Germany; and the Stadt Museum Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Additionally, he has been shown alongside that of Horn, Rauschenberg and Calder in the traveling exhibition. "Drehen, Kreisen, Rotieren" and he was also recently included "Genesis--The Art of Creation," alongside Duchamp, Beuys, Francis and others at the Zentrum Paul Klee.

SARA TECCHIA ROMA NEW YORK is located at 529 West 20th Street, between Tenth Avenue and Eleventh Avenue. The gallery is on the second floor. Summer hours are Monday through Friday, 11am to 6pm or by appointment. For more information, contact 212-741-2900, or visit www.saratecchia.com

Received on July 18, 2007:

Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea

Storie immaginate in luoghi reali

a cura di Roberta Valtorta

coordinamento del progetto: Massimiliano Foscati

Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea

21 ottobre 2007 - 27 aprile 2008

In collaborazione con CARIPLO e Navigli Lombardi

Catalogo: video di Meris Angioletti e Angelo Boriolo, con uno scritto di Paola Capriolo


sabato 20 ottobre ore 15.30 incontro con gli autori e proiezione del video di Meris Angioletti e Angelo Boriolo; ore 18.30 apertura della mostra al pubblico

Fotografie e video di:

Andrea Abati, Olivo Barbieri, Paola De Pietri, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Vittore Fossati, Jean-Louis Garnell, Jitka Hanzlova, Alessandra Spranzi.

Il 2007 segna i vent'anni dall'inizio e i dieci anni dalla conclusione del progetto "Archivio dello spazio" (1987-1997), serie di campagne fotografiche sul territorio della provincia di Milano svoltosi nell'ambito del Progetto Beni Architettonici e Ambientali della Provincia di Milano. Alle campagne fotografiche di "Archivio dello spazio" hanno fatto poi seguito altri progetti di committenza: "Milano senza confini" (1999-2000) e "Idea di metropoli" (2001-2002). Le fotografie derivate da questi progetti sono confluite nelle collezioni del museo, che prosegue il lavoro in questa direzione, cercando nuovi significati e nuove funzioni alla committenza, il cui senso nel volgere di questi anni e molto mutato, dalla documentazione di alto livello culturale dei luoghi, alla interpretazione, alla ricerca sempre piu libera.

L'affidamento di incarichi a fotografi contemporanei per la realizzazione di ricerche su temi di attualita rimane dunque uno dei compiti storici del Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea.

In questo contesto, il museo ha affidato a otto fotografi italiani ed europei - Andrea Abati, Paola De Pietri, Olivo Barbieri, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Vittore Fossati, Jean Louis Garnell, Jitka Hanzlova, Alessandra Spranzi - l'incarico di realizzare una serie di ricerche fotografiche in luoghi della Lombardia, in collaborazione con CARIPLO e Navigli Lombardi. In mostra saranno presentate 70 fotografie e un'installazione video.

Si tratta di luoghi storici e naturalistici sui quali i fotografi hanno sviluppato i loro progetti in completa liberta. Il titolo, "Storie immaginate in luoghi reali" intende sottolineare un modo molto aperto di intendere la committenza oggi: gli artisti sono chiamati a lavorare a partire da alcuni luoghi indicati, ma attraverso la loro ricerca hanno la possibilita di trasformare questi luoghi in scenari che ospitano storie di qualunque natura, secondo i loro diversi progetti: la narrazione stessa del luogo, lo svolgersi di una storia personale, l'indagine sui suoi abitanti o sulla sua storia, la lettura dei segni, etc.

In questa luce, cambia e si dilata il concetto di luogo, che si articola facendo spazio all'immaginario e assumendo significati di volta in volta diversi. La committenza diventa un ambito di promozione della ricerca.

All'interno del progetto "Storie immaginate in luoghi reali" dunque, sono state realizzate ricerche diversamente orientate: Andrea Abati (Canale artificiale "Vaso Re", Bienno) ha ricostruito episodi della storia del luogo, fra tutti le storie della Resistenza partigiana, raccogliendo immagini e testimonianze orali; Paola De Pietri (distretto dei monti e dei laghi della Brianza) ha colto una dimensione di silenzio e di sospensione metafisica nei luoghi, nella natura e nelle persone; Olivo Barbieri (Castello di Somaglia) ha lavorato, come vuole il suo metodo degli anni piu recenti, realizzando alcune riprese dall'elicottero, che danno al luogo una connotazione straniata e irreale; Gilbert Fastenaekens (Villa Litta, Milano) ha raccolto numerosissime immagini di vita, di lavoro, di festa in un video estremamente narrativo e articolato; Vittore Fossati (Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza, Biumo) ha lavorato su alcuni particolari del luogo, come uno specchio e la sua cornice o l'eleganza del rapporto interno-esterno; Jean Loui Garnell (abbazia di Morimondo) ha raccontato una particolare atmosfera spirituale, non religiosa, del luogo, attraverso luci, superfici, strutture; Jitka Hanzlova (Palazzo Melzi d'Eril, Vaprio d'Adda) ha realizzato una serie di ritratti di giovani ispirati a ritratti di Leonardo da Vinci, che in questo palazzo visse e lavoro; Alessandra Spranzi (Casino municipale di San Pellegrino Terme) ha indagato il senso del passare del tempo e dell'abbandono attraverso immagini di mobili e oggetti trovati nel vecchio edificio.

Un video realizzato da Meris Angioletti e Angelo Boriolo, prodotto dal Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, racconta il lavoro dei fotografi nei diversi luoghi, i loro pensieri, le idee che li hanno guidati, e fa da catalogo visivo e sonoro alla mostra. Nel volumetto che accompagna il video, un testo della scrittrice Paola Capriolo propone una lettura delle opere e alcune riflessioni sulla possibilita della fotografia di raccontare storie immaginate.

L'inaugurazione della mostra e preceduta da un incontro che avra inizio alle 15.30 durante il quale gli otto autori impegnati nel progetto descriveranno i loro lavori e risponderanno alle domande del pubblico. Durante l'incontro verra proiettato il video realizzato da Meris Angioletti e Angelo Boriolo, che restera visibile al museo per tutta la durata della mostra.


Informazioni tecniche

Titolo: Storie immaginate in luoghi reali

In collaborazione con: CARIPLO e Navigli Lombardi

Sede: Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, via Frova 10, Cinisello Balsamo-Milano

Periodo: 21 ottobre 2007 - 27 aprile 2008

Inaugurazione al pubblico: Sabato 20 ottobre a partire dalle ore 15.30, Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Cinisello Balsamo - Milano

Per informazioni: tel. 02.6605661, www.museofotografiacontemporanea.org

Orari: da martedi a domenica 10-19; giovedi 10-23. Chiuso lunedi

Ingresso: libero

Ufficio stampa: Fiorenza Melani, tel. 02.66056633 ufficiostampa@museofotografiacontemporanea.org

Visite guidate: tel. 02.66056626 servizioeducativo@museofotografiacontemporanea.org

Biblioteca: tel. 02.66056628 biblioteca@museofotografiacontemporanea.org

Consultazione previo appuntamento

Come arrivare al Museo:

Mezzi Pubblici:- da Milano Stazione Centrale (piazza IV Novembre)autobus 727 direzione Cusano Milanino/Cinisello Balsamo, fermata via XXV Aprile - Municipio

- da MM1 Sesto F.S. autobus 725 per Nova Milanese, fermata Municipio

Automobile: - da Milano centro seguire le indicazioni per Monza/Cinisello Balsamo (viale Fulvio Testi oppure viale Sarca) - dall'autostrada A4 Torino/Venezia  uscita Cinisello Balsamo/Sesto S.G.                

Io Parto

Fotografie di Paola De Pietri

Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea e luoghi pubblici di Cinisello Balsamo

27 settembre - 28 ottobre 2007

Orari: martedi-domenica 10-19, giovedi 10-23. Chiuso il lunedi

Ingresso libero

Inaugurazione: giovedi 27 settembre 2007 ore 21

In occasione del venticinquesimo anniversario della fondazione della Casa dell'Accoglienza di Cinisello Balsamo, una struttura dedicata all'assistenza e alla tutela di madri in difficolta, Il Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea ha incaricato Paola De Pietri di svolgere una ricerca sul tema della maternita.

Paola De Pietri e una delle artiste fotografe contemporanee piu interessanti in Italia. Da quindici anni svolge ricerche sul paesaggio e sulla figura umana nel contesto urbano e naturale, sulla identita dell'uomo contemporaneo in relazione all'ambiente in cui vive.

La ricerca che Paola De Pietri ha progettato per questa occasione ha per titolo "Io parto" e consiste in una serie di ritratti di donne in avanzato stato di gravidanza, ambientati in modo molto naturale in luoghi urbani di Cinisello Balsamo e dintorni. La figura femminile plasmata dalla maternita assume un aspetto diverso, quasi una plastica scultura nell'ambiente quotidiano. Il titolo indica contemporaneamente il parto come esperienza naturale per la donna, e la partenza per una nuova, ignota condizione di vita che la attende.

I ritratti delle future madri di Paola De Pietri sono esposti al Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea e in alcune sedi pubbliche della citta, come una mostra sparsa sul territorio cittadino.

La sera del l'inaugurazione della mostra "Io parto", alle ore 21, viene presentata una proiezione delle fotografie di Paola De Pietri e viene presentato al pubblico il recente video di Marina Ballo Charmet e Walter Niedermayr dal titolo "Agente apri", sul tema del difficile rapporto madre-figlio in carcere. Ballo e Niedermayr, esponenti della fotografia d'avanguardia italiana, hanno costruito insieme un'opera video composta di riprese realizzate nel 2006 nel carcere di San Vittore di Milano. Il video racconta in modo molto essenziale i percorsi che due bambini, un maschio e una femmina, compiono quotidianamente nei vari ambienti del carcere nel quale vivono insieme alle loro mamme, per uscire a giocare e per poi tornare nel nido all'interno di San Vittore.

Durante la serata saranno presenti gli autori di "Io parto" e di "Agente apri", Paola De Pietri, Marina Ballo Charmet e Walter Niedermayr.

Achille Sacconi

Fotografie 1960 - 2004

A cura di Paola Sacconi e Roberta Valtorta

Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea

21 ottobre 2007 - 27 aprile 2008

Orari: martedi-domenica 10-19, giovedi 10-23. Chiuso il lunedi vIngresso libero 

La sala della collezione permanente del Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea ospita, a partire dal 20 ottobre 2007, una mostra di sessanta fotografie in bianco e nero realizzate dal 1960 ai primi anni del Duemila da Achille Sacconi. Le fotografie sono state donate dall'autore al museo, e fanno dunque parte delle collezioni con la denominazione "fondo Achille Sacconi".

La mostra intende rendere omaggio a chi, con il suo impegno pluriennale, il suo rigore metodologico, la sua tenacia, ha collaborato per quasi trent'anni con la Provincia di Milano sul tema della rilevazione e dello studio dei beni architettonici e ambientali e ha costruito in seno a questa attivita il progetto Archivio dello spazio (1987-1997), dal quale e nata l'idea stessa del Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea. Per questo e giusto considerare Sacconi un padre del museo, e importante farlo conoscere al pubblico anche nella sua veste di fotografo.

Nato a Treviso nel 1927, studia Architettura al Politecnico di Milano e si laurea a Venezia. Fin da giovane affianca al suo interesse per l'architettura intesa come disciplina al servizio dello sviluppo sociale, e all'impegno politico (negli anni Settanta e assessore all'urbanistica del Comune di Milano) un profondo interesse per la letteratura, la pittura, il cinema, la fotografia.

Inizia a fotografare alla fine degli anni Cinquanta, nel momento in cui il tema del "realismo" nell'arte e al centro dell'attenzione degli intellettuali: la fotografia rappresenta per lui, come per molti in quel periodo, uno strumento per guardare e capire la realta. Sacconi non lascera piu la fotografia, che accompagnera per anni il suo lavoro di architetto, oltre che molti momenti della sua vita culturale e privata.

Nella sua opera, nella quale utilizza il bianco e nero ma anche il colore, si distinguono alcuni nuclei principali, legati ad alcuni luoghi della vita: Venezia, Treviso, Milano, Sestri Levante, S. Albino di Monza, dove Sacconi da molti anni risiede. Accanto a questi temi il racconto della vita familiare oltre che dei molti viaggi nel sud e nel centro dell'Italia, e in Europa, dall'Inghilterra alla Francia, dalla Germania all'Olanda all'URSS alla Ungheria e la Cecoslovacchia. Il paesaggio, l'architettura, il rapporto fra figura umana e ambiente (in questo la sua fotografia reca traccia del Neorealismo) sono i principali oggetti di indagine.

Attento conoscitore della fotografia a lui contemporanea, Sacconi ha molto amato l'opera di Paolo Monti, nella quale un metodo rigoroso di lavoro si intreccia all'impegno civile nel rilevamento dei centri storici italiani, sapendo poi subito cogliere nei nuovi maestri della fotografia italiana contemporanea, Basilico, Jodice, Ghirri, Cresci, Guidi, chiavi attuali per la lettura della realta complessa del nostro paesaggio.

Nelle sue scelte di fotografo e di organizzatore culturale Sacconi ha sempre creduto fortemente nella fotografia come strumento di conoscenza e di interrogazione. Su questa base ha creato il progetto Archivio dello spazio, che non solo ha dato il via al Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, ma ha costituito un modello guardato con attenzione e imitato per molti anni in Italia in molti progetti di committenza pubblica sul territorio.

SERVIZIO EDUCATIVO: Corso di aggiornamento per insegnanti

Il Servizio Educativo del Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea organizza un corso di aggiornamento rivolto agli insegnanti delle scuole di ogni ordine e grado interessati a conoscere la fotografia nei suoi temi teorici e storici e nelle sue applicazioni didattiche nelle diverse discipline e materie di insegnamento.

Il corso si articolera in quattro lezioni, dal 4 al 25 ottobre 2007, dalle ore 17 alle 19.30 presso il Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea.


4 ottobre
I. Origini della fotografia e sua collocazione nella storia dell'arte occidentale; rappresentazione dello spazio prospettico, camere oscure e strumenti per disegnare, invenzione, rapporto arte-tecnologia.

11 ottobre
II. Concetti chiave e specificita del linguaggio della fotografia; proposte di metodo per la comprensione e la lettura dell'immagine fotografica.

18 ottobre
III. Generi e ambiti della fotografia: ritratto e figura, architettura e paesaggio, oggetto, reportage/narrazione, e loro utilizzo e significato negli ambiti della produzione e della comunicazione.

25 ottobre
IV. Rapporto tra fotografia e altre discipline, applicazione della fotografia nelle discipline d'insegnamento, dalla storia alla storia dell'arte, dalla letteratura alle scienze, dalla geografia alle scienze sociali.

Il costo di iscrizione e di 40 euro; al termine del corso saranno consegnate le dispense riguardanti i temi affrontati durante le lezioni.

Per informazioni riguardo alle modalita di iscrizione:


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Received on July 16, 2007:

Exhibition: Optical Titillations

In our new exhibition

"Optical Titillations" from July 17th to September 23rd

we present works by the artists Daniel & Geo Fuchs,Robert Gligorov,Tae Hun Kang and Maslen & Mehra.

Please notice that we are on holiday from the 6th to 20th of August.

Galerie Caprice Horn
Kochstrasse 60
10969 Berlin

Received on June 8, 2007:

Cindy Sherman

15 June to 17 September 2007

Organiser: Berliner Festspiele. An exhibition arranged by the Jeu de Paume, Paris in cooperation with the Kunsthaus Bregenz, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark und the Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin Curators: Regis Durand and Veronique Dabin

Niederkirchnerstrasse 7, Corner Stresemannstr. 110, 10963 Berlin
Phone +49 (0)30 254 86-0
Fax +49 (0)30 254 86-107

Opening times: Wednesday to Monday 10am - 8pm, closed Tuesday
>From the 10th of July on open every Tuesday


From June 15 until September 17, 2007 the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin will be presenting the major Cindy Sherman retrospective arranged by the Jeu de Paume in Paris. The exhibition comprises works produced by the artist between 1975 and 2005.

The American artist Cindy Sherman is one of the leading representatives of staged photography. In her photographs she uses her body as a vehicle for creating all sorts of roles and staging masquerades. By combining the roles of film director, main protagonist and photographer, she blurs the strict dividing lines between posing and viewing, between object and subject. Sherman was born in Glen Ridge, a suburb of New York, in 1954. She attended the State University of New York in Buffalo where she originally studied painting before switching to photography. During this time she got to know the artist Robert Longo. Together with Longo and Charles Clough she founded the independent art gallery Hallwalls. After graduating in 1976 Cindy Sherman decided to settle in New York, where she still lives and works. In the history of art the work of Cindy Sherman stands for a radically new way of defining the possibilities of contemporary photography.

Parodic, grotesque, and sometimes brutal, her works present a spectrum of figures based on cultural and social stereotypes in a way that calls into question the visual codes of their presentation in advertising, cinema and classical painting. The main focus is on the contemporary image of woman and the aesthetic it conveys.


Regis Durand on Cindy Sherman's work 1975-2006

"With a few exceptions, Cindy Sherman's works are presented both in books and in exhibitions in the form of extensive series - mostly in chronological order and documenting the way in which they belong to each other. Although there is always the possibility of overlapping and of general thematic strands (some of which are referred to below) and sometimes no clear line can be drawn between the respective series, both the chronology and the series can be seen as crucial to the work of this artist. This constellation makes it possible to grasp both the strong inner coherence and the continuous development of the work.

Cindy Sherman's artistic development is marked by rigour, innovation and ever greater depth. It exhibits astonishing humour and extravagance, although these also have a dark side reflecting both with the incomprehensibility of the EGO and the omnipresence of illusion and death. The work, which seems to operate on a superficial level and plays with hallucinations, withstands the critical gaze of the observer and preserves its secret. However, this secret is not suitable for those who think they can arrive at an explanation by means of a better level of information or more systematic access. It has to do, rather, with the identity of human beings, with their capacity to recognise and misjudge themselves, to portray themselves and invent parallel lives - a capacity that no other living being has.

The texts between the individual parts are intended to disclose the structure of the sequence and emphasise the great diversity. The figure which appears as an individual protagonist is often also described as the subject. The use of this term indicates that the figure is not really the artist herself (that would mean reducing her work to straightforward psychological or strictly autobiographical aspects) or any of the individual figures she presents and furnishes with a social or psychological identity, to which we are certainly to attribute credibility, however deep that may go."


Cindy Sherman catalogue in German (Hardcover)
Price: € 49,90; 319 pages
ISBN: 2-0802-1051-3
By Flammarion

Received on May 26, 2007:

WANTED: Helmut Newton, Larry Clark & Ralph Gibson

Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin

June 3rd - November 18th, 2007

Opening: Saturday June 2nd, 2007, 7 p.m.

Press Conference: Friday June 1st, 2007, 11 a.m.

Helmut Newton Foundation
Jebensstr. 2, 10623 Berlin
T: +49 30 3186 4825
F: +49 30 3186 4855
Opening hours: Tues-Sun 10am-6pm, Thurs 10am-10pm


After the outstanding success of the three part exhibition, "Men, War & Peace", the Helmut Newton Foundation (HNF) presents the work of its founder alongside that of two of his friends and contemporaries, Larry Clark & Ralph Gibson.

A selection of pictures that Helmut Newton published in his own magazine "Helmut Newton's Illustrated" between 1987 and 1995 are presented for the first time as a complete exhibition in the front three rooms of the foundation.

The central exhibition room is dedicated to two (in)famous bodies of work, "Tulsa" and "Teenage Lust", by the photographer and film-maker, Larry Clark. Created in the sixties and seventies, Clark revealed to us the world of teenage sex and drug use in a way that had been taboo up until that time. In this he was the most influential predecessor of photographers like Nan Goldin and Richard Billingham.

Clark's provocative book "Tulsa" was published in 1971 by Lustrum Press. This publishing company was founded by Ralph Gibson and through it he distributed his own photography books, "The Somnambulist", "Deja-vu" and "Days at Sea", amongst others, as well as books by leading photographers of the day. A representative selection of B/W & Colour images from these and later projects by Gibson, are presented in the remaining exhibition rooms. His timeless, subjective imagery is known for its formal and abstract composition.

Received on September 17, 2006:


1st issue: Stelios Kasimatis

The magazine "Fotografizontas historica" is a publication
by the cultural company FOTOGRAFIZONTAS

It has been designed by Manolis Kasimatis and it is excusively dedicated to the history of photography, the photographic files, the forgotten photographers all over the world, their unpublished works, the photographic studies, the collections, the museums of photography, the classic cameras, the films, the initial and traditional techniques on development and printing etc.

It is published in limited edition and it can be bought at company's office (Paxon 30, Athens, Ô.Ê. 11362, Greece) or via mail reimbursement and also at a few bookstores and photographic stores.

The first issue is dedicated to a forgotten photographer's unpublished work, Stelios Kasimatis (1920-1992), who was present on a November's morning of 1954, at the coast of Agios Andreas, where the movie "Stella", by Michalis Kakogiannis was filmed.
Although there were too much cold, Stelios Kasimatis managed to capture through his lens, the actor's attempt, who after overcoming the cold sea they will be warmed by the passion of a couple in love, Stella and Miltos...

cultural company

Paxon 30, 11362 Athens, Greece

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